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How to build self-confidence?

Whether you ever happened to give up on something because you weren’t sure that you would advice? Maybe it was a matter of changing jobs, volunteering for some task, a Maybe about the handsome guy in the club, whom you were ashamed to approach?

Whether Have you ever given up on something because you lacked confidence?

Mi sometimes. I often thought that someone would do a particular thing better than me, that I was not Smart enough, smart enough, pretty enough, witty enough – I’ve always been somehow insufficient. In the end, I realized that it was not about me at all, but about About my way of thinking. I was not inadequate at all, I just THINK. that’s how I am. I lacked confidence!

Now that I work as a dancer, I often see these inner fears and insecurities in the girls who report to me: pretty, smiling, intelligent, and yet doubting themselves. Where do these doubts come from?

Confidence, or what?

Confidence self is nothing innate – it is a trait that is developed over time years. People and the environment you are in influence what you are like. This means that self-confidence can be learned. And today I’ll give you some tips that will tell you how to do it With the help of dance.

What separates novice dancers from experienced ones is awareness of their bodies. New girls often fail to show sensuality and adjust their movements to the rhythm set for them by the music. And this is not due to a lack of ability, but a lack of confidence. At dance workshops, among others. That’s what I’m working on with them.

How do you start building confidence through dance?

If So you also do not feel confident, start at home, at ease, in front of the mirror. Turn on your favorite music, put on sexy lingerie and start moving. Pay attention to how your body looks, what specific movements you are making and How you feel about it – just observe yourself. Remember: no one is watching. 🙂

Only when you discover what actually triggers your shyness, restraint or insecurity can you start working on changing these feelings. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “I’m not good enough.” I went through this stage and I do not recommend it to anyone. Learning sensual dance helped me develop confidence – made me learn it. Since I managed it – you can too! 🙂

Remember, That to become a good dancer you don’t have to be above average in training or stretched. This is not about spectacular revolutions or stunts, but about Emphasizing your femininity: in a sensual yet forceful way. Dancing is a great way to open up and step by step get more and more greater confidence. Every day I see the dancers from my team.

Do you have more questions? Write to me! 🙂

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