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Hello, girls!

If any of you have ever been to a bachelorette party, there is a chance that you met a guy who, dressed as a police officer, performed a striptease for the future bride. If you haven’t witnessed such a situation, you’ve probably seen such a show in a movie. What’s the deal with this? Why do chicks like it? 

Striptease, despite being ubiquitous, still arouses controversies regardless of the gender that performs it. It should be noted, however, that male erotic dancers cause the most surprise. Fortunately, there are more and more men stripping for money, which may contribute to changing opinions about them. 

What is it all about? 

The erotic show can be performed both solo and by several men. It is possible to expand the business to provide sexual services, but this depends on the dancer’s preferences and individual agreements between the parties. The basic scope of a stripper’s activity includes an interesting choreographic arrangement combined with the gradual removal of successive items of clothing. Additional attractions affect how much a stripper earns. The money from this is not small (similarly to you 😉 ), depending on e.g. the place where the services are performed. 

How to become a male stripper?  

Here is the answer to the question at the beginning – why do chicks like it? Well, erotic dancers have to look good – a six-pack is a “must-have”, as are all aesthetic values. In addition, such guys should be characterized by charisma, a sense of humor, and the ability to give a proper show! It must be admitted that a dancing guy for a woman is not a common phenomenon, so women want to diversify their lives and fulfill their deepest fantasies in this way. 

If you are a woman planning to work with me – you will probably meet male strippers. They are really great dancers who know how to have fun! 

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