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26 of the absolute best songs for striptease!

The art of striptease is something that men love and admire. One of the most important elements of striptease is the accompanying music, without which this sensual ritual cannot reach its true potential. This is why I will send you a set of 26 strip songs that will heat up the atmosphere of your show. There are many songs that are suitable for striptease, but I will provide you with a special playlist full of songs that I have tried many times, and are a proven winner as a basis for the sexiest dance. Check out which of these talk most alluringly to you and your hips 🙂

List of sexy songs suitable for striptease

1. One of the best songs for a striptease – Fascinated with this song, I performed Swami for the first time in my life.

 2. Suitable for free, erotic dance that warms everyone’s heart.

3. Vocals, forming shivers all over the body.

4. Strongly erotic song that works great for sensual dance.

5. This piece really causes naughty thoughts in your head.

6. Be careful, because this number is really sharp and drips with sex. A brilliant choice for striptease

7. Here is another music video where you can watch sexy body movements, which, if you can master, will definitely prove useful.

8. The huge hot dose of oh yeah! With this song, you can rip off clothes, scratch, bite and unleash your true animal instincts.

9. These sounds are really great.

10. Secret and sexual attractiveness.

 11. It is an energetic and strongly erotic song that will be great for crazy dancing.

12. With this song you can literally fly away.

13. Strip-tease or striptease 🙂 The song that always turns me on the most.

14. A perfect piece that goes well with the strip scene.

15. If someone likes a slightly sharper climate. 

16. The sensual voice of the singer can spin any man.

17. With this piece, there will be tempting bending on the pole.

18. A calm and sensual piece you will gladly drop your already scantily clad clothes.

19. A song that sounds really divine for a sensual dance.

20. Sexy strong with vocals that form sensual imaginations in the head.

21. For the truly brave I suggest this piece.

22. This rhythm will help unleash your inner female feline (cat) that will really overwhelm his senses.

23. With this piece you can hypnotize and look into his eyes.

24. With this piece, you will quickly feel like sliding off more clothing. 

25. Here you can use sexy moves from the music video, you do not necessarily have to say that it was the work of someone else …. let it remain our little secret 🙂

26. Mrrr, this sounds really divine – dance to the rhythm.


If I really missed good suggestion for your striptease and should post here, let me know!

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