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Does the country lying on the border of Central and Southern Europe say something to you? If Croatia comes to mind, this is an absolute shot in the 10! A place that for years has been very popular with tourists from all over the world has recently offered the opportunity to earn wealthy visa tracks. Just 1, 5 h by plane, and you find yourself in another world. If you've ever had the chance to be in this place then you surely know that it's the perfect place to chill blogs, reset your head and make some serious money at the same time Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version).

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday
22:00 - 05:00

Your earnings:

♦️ Private rooms – 50% earnings for you.

♦️ Champagne and drink sales – 40%.

♦️ Tips – 100%!

♦️ Payout daily.


The apartment is free of charge and is located above the clubhouse.

Additional information:

♦️ Dress code for work: High heels and sexy, sensual lingerie.

♦️ There are champagne dances at the club.

♦️ Contract is for a minimum of one month.

PLN Polish złoty
EUR Euro
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