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Through the eyes of a dancer: nightclubs in Europe

If had to answer in one sentence, it would be: completely different from the Poland. 😉 I’m talking, of course, about the countries I go to together with my team: Denmark, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Austria. Why I choose these very countries? Because only they are able to offer girls who are under my care really great opportunities to earn money.

They are distinguished from Polish nightclubs by virtually everything: the aforementioned wages, work culture, guests, the way they promote themselves, as well as non-wage working conditions for dancers. Want to know more? I already explain!

Atmosphere at the club

In clubs abroad, dancers are the stars of every night, and both the owners and the club’s customers make sure they feel that way. Thanks to the friendly relationship between the dancers and the cordial atmosphere, the venues are never short of generous guests.

No financial penalties

O The famous Cocomo club chain has been heard in Poland by virtually every person in the industry entertainment. Financial penalties for dancers, cheating guests, the need to making sales for a specific amount each evening… I won’t comment on that, Because it’s just not worth it. However, this explains the girls’ fear of working in clubs.

That is why I want to point out that in the European clubs to which the dancers from my team and myself go, such situations do NOT exist. The girls never receive financial penalties or have to sell certain amounts of alcohol, as is the case in Poland. And actually this is not the fault of the Polish dancers at all, but of the heartless system used here. The girl has a choice: either sell the alcohol or get a financial penalty. There are no such rules abroad.

Earnings in clubs

The dancers earn in the currency of the country they are going to, which is in euros or crowns. Example earnings for 1 evening in Germany start at a few hundred euros and go up to several thousand – there is no upper ceiling here. It’s up to the dancer how much she earns on any given day. Of course, these highest amounts happen mainly during weekends or when there are big events in a city. This is when even more people than usual come to the clubs eager for a good time and generous guests.

Promotion of nightclubs

Promoters With the club’s flyers? Not in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Germany. There they apply completely different standards.

Several times a month the dancers, at the club’s expense, party at the most expensive venues in the cities. This is their party: they enter the room accompanied by a person with champagne and fireworks, catching the eyes of all guests. Their 4-5 hours of fun sponsors a club that invests in talented dancers.

And the flyers? Forget. 😉

Traveling in Europe

The girls in my team are free to travel between clubs across Europe, changing city or country every month. They have full freedom, living on their own terms. Do you want to open the door to a job that not only guarantees a high salary, but also allows you to explore the world? Don’t wait, write to me! 🙂

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