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See how the preparations for the fair look like with our participation :)

Full of energy , sensual , beautiful , successful , this is how the dancers in the Kates Diary Agency team can be described in a nutshell . I’ve mentioned many times before that working at Kate’s Diary Agency is not only about earning good money and having fun, but also about traveling around Europe 😊.

Wondering what to expect when you go to the Fair ? Today I’m going to tell you how the fair looks like starring you 😊

Preparing for the fair.

For some girls, the fair is the first such large event they have had the opportunity to participate in. Are they stressed? A little. 😉 Are they excited? Huge! Anyway, let them tell you themselves , meet with them .

The fair is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn about the industry from the inside. Participating in the fair means you can prepare for the challenges ahead, improve your skills and learn about the environment in which you will be working. The comfort of the girls on my team is an absolute priority for me, so I want to show them the business world “from behind the scenes” as well. They will be able to talk to other hostesses and dancers at the fair and get their opinions about the job. I feel that every day here opens up new opportunities. Do you like to look for new challenges and something new for yourself? You absolutely must come and see how we work .

Men at the sight of girls hold their breath 😊

Not to mention , I myself have held my breath many times at the sight of a dancer . I saw femininity and a true sense of aesthetics . Each of the girls I have met is a unique personality , fascinating , determined woman conscious ! You need to know that the world’s top-earning dancers can feel the line between being vulgar and being sexy. Be yourself and attract stares 😊

In the posture and appearance of a woman who dances, it is easy to find several distinctive features. You don’t even have to train all your life at all to develop these qualities in yourself. Just a few lessons are enough to make a kind of transformation take place in each of us. 😊

Germany ranks first in the world in organizing international trade fairs.

About 150 international fairs and exhibitions are held here each year, with more than 160,000 exhibitors represented and 9-10 million visitors. The most important asset of the fair in Germany is its international character: more than half of the exhibitors come from abroad.

These amounts are impressive.

A dancer in three weeks at October Fest can earn as much as in six months , and at the International Fair lasting just a weekend, earn more than a month’s wage.

Germans can also have fun, and I want you to see for yourself! There are crowds in clubs, bars and restaurants every evening, and alcohol is pouring in streams. Loud music and colorful lights complete the atmosphere of cities that seem to never sleep. So if you like a life full of excitement, new experiences and are ready to experience them, you are invited to Germany!

Trade fairs are usually used to build and develop customer relationships , and for you I have loaded with positive energy and prepare for new challenges. After all, it’s always a good time to try something new. 😉 Maybe for the next fair you will go with us already? If you would like to know more details, please email me!

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