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My name is Kate Hajduk and I am a founder of Kate’s Diary Agency.

Now I live and work in Denmark, but currently I am travelling a lot across Europe. I created Kate’s Diary Agency – a place for girls looking for a new way in their lives. It all begun with several unexpected meetings, one friendship, a good idea and many aspirations.

Now my goal, and my mission, is to care about my girls in my team so that they can feel comfortable and earn well.

Become a dancer and work with your own rules

Kate’s Diary Agency – why is it worth it?

Every day I talk with girls who are interested to join my team. I receive a lot of questions about the character and system of the job, cities in Europe and how much time it takes. The question repeat very often, so that’s why today’s entry will be the answer for all of you, who want to start the adventure, but… are still not sure? 😉

Clubs selected carefully

Travels around Europe

The job of a dancer and hostess in my team is always connected with travelling. How frequent? It is your choice only. I collaborate with night clubs in the largest Europeans cities and there I send my charge girls. You decide to what city and for how long you would like to go. Usually, 2-3 girls choose the same club and start their work together. You can always rely on the support of more experienced dancers and the owner of the club. To make sure about your comfort and safety I always meet them personally and set the working conditions.

Absolute 100% Independence

The job takes place during the largest European events

The hostesses from Kate’s Diary Agency are present on the biggest event from the business world. They have experience in international trade shows and establish relationships, that may be very profitable in the future. Each day in an investment in yourself and your job career and development. One of the recent events I and my team took part in waa the trade show BAUMA 2019. Such events allow my girls to get to know the environment and improve their language skills (my hostesses need to communicate in English).

Flexible Working Time

You do decide not only about where, but also how long you work. Depending on your availability, you can sign the contract for the period of two weeks or a few months. Many girls begin with a one-month contract – because 30 days is enough to get to know the club and other dancers and decide if this is a place you will like to work in. And if you are bored with Norway already, you can easily move to picturesque Denmark or to the feet of the beautiful Swiss Alps. 🙂

Freedom and Independence

When you are following the path of someone else, it’s possible to easily fall into daily routine and wear handcuffs made of people’s expectations. Then your needs, dreams and aspirations suddenly and with no control are dying out. Your natural and sheer of everyday life vanishes. But it’s not a scenario set for you 😉 You may go for that change in any moment, because the worst decision is simply the lack of decision. In my team girls enjoy their freedom and independence. Each day the make a step forward to reach their goals and you are the one to go this way, too. 🙂

Let Yourself Take a Step Forward!

If you want to make most of your life and give yourself an opportunity for a new start – here it comes. 🙂 Write me a message and let me make your first step.

Discover Europe as a hostess with Kate’s Diary Agency

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