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My name is Catherine Hajduk and I am the founder of Kate’s Diary Agency and author of the e-book “Striptease from A to Z”.

I permanently live and work in Denmark, but now I travel a lot in Europe. I created Kate’s Diary Agency – a place for girls who are looking for a new path for themselves. It started with some completely unexpected acquaintances, one friendship, a good idea and dozens of aspirations.

Now my goal, and at the same time my mission, is to make sure that the girls who will be in my team feel comfortable and earn well.

Become a dancer and work on your own terms.

Kate's Diary Agency - why is it worth it?

Every day I talk to girls who are interested in joining my team. I get a lot of questions about the nature and system of work, European cities and the length of trips. Questions are often duplicated, so today’s post will be a collective response to the curiosity and unspoken doubts of those of you who want to start working together, just…. maybe still a little hesitant? 😉

Are you already working as a dancer?

Meet with me 1-on-one and ask me anything you want.

I am here to help you set a goal and accompany you in achieving it. And also to show you your strengths, which will be favorable for you to plan your action. We can work out these “small steps” in such a way that they lead us straight to success – the realization of your dreams.

Don’t delay – schedule an interview today and get tips that will enable you to have a rewarding job, earn good wages and build your confidence.

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