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Men are visualizers- that`s nothing new. For centuries they were fascinated by the fair sex. “Ah women. They make high higher and lows more frequent.” F. Nietzshe . Even famous philosophers were intrigued by females. But why men attended to go-go clubs ?

The answer is simple-because these places are full of variety of beautiful woman. I got on mu mind right now women , who are wives, fiancées, girlfriends, etc. in their daily lives, who keep on insulting exotic dancers. What I`d like to ask these women is: Why you talk about them this way? It`s a real chutzpah… But I can understand you ! You surely have serious reason to behave this way.

But back to the point – Men love mysterious, self confident and sophisticated woman who know what they want. These four traits create around them the atmosphere of something unreachable and highly special. Men are hunters, and dancers seduce them in a subtle and feminine way witch allow males to feel like conquerors. Women flirt for centuries, but they play this game so unnoticeably that men don`t even realize when they become a part of it. There are more than few possible approaches to the seduction matter. For many it`s just a game to enjoy without a further purpose. A game of chase as it is exciting full of the undertones and subtle insinuations.

Ms. undermines Mr.

It`s all about this essence of flirting ,and stripper perfectly knows how to do it 😊 She builds a relation with a man taking little steps by gaining his trust. She makes him feel secure and the whole reality starts to seem to be further and further away, where behind the wall of safety he can fall into her flirting game. It doesn`t really matter how the flirt will evolve . It`s any kind of relationship or especially cheating and shouldn`t be categorized as such. Man`s heart still belongs to his spouse, and for a stripper it`s just a job. Is it a real “job”? Yes, very emotionally demanding job. Everyone knows the limits and rules of the club ? Everything happening in the club stays just there ? Well, sometimes the story goes on. Happens that it turns into love. Love is a powerful feeling and likes to break the boundaries.



Men are visualizers and us strippers know it perfectly. When a man is interested he gazes at stripper intently. Then it`s enough for her to give him this seductive look with a flirty smile. And of course the eye contact needs to last till the moment of initiating conversation. Men are prickly about being objectified as much as woman. If insinuation of starting the flirt game is too obvious they`ll back up so it`s important to constantly remember about being subtle .Sidelong glance is another yet very clear sign for a man that a female is interested in him. It`s very good to add some subtle element to it, like playing with your hair which will assure him about dancer`s intentions. Males connote strippers with emancipation, self confidence, being shameless, bold sexuality and great looks. Men get lost in girls` nudity, perverse moves and sex appeal.

             The biggest mystery to them is stripper`s life. How does it look like? Strippers are the contradiction to everything men don`t understand about women. Males adore intelligent conversations with women and females love intelligent men. Yes.. intelligence is really sexy. Gents are visualizers but they also like to talk about more interesting matters. Very often being intrigued by conversations with a dancers, they comeback hungry for more answers. That leads to creating some kind of connection with a dancer.

             I tell you something about her: She is sensitive but really strong.  I am thinking what is really fascinating in this woman ?And wonder why I meet her in my life … And in this moment I am sure that exactly with THIS woman I will be doing incredible things 😊

I WILL TELL YOU ABOUT HER: she is sensitive but damn strong when I think what is so fascinating about a woman and I wonder why I meet her on my way and at some point I know that with this woman I will do amazing things

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