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Number 1 agency in Poland for DANCERS

An agency like never before. Every day I talk to girls who are interested in joining my team. I get a lot of questions about the nature and system of work in European cities and the length of trips. Questions are often duplicated, but nothing wrong, I always answer even dozens of times the same questions. No one knows the dancers as well as I do. My first success at the agency was primarily the trust the girls placed in me. We have based mutual relations on principles that are mutually satisfactory.

For the first time in Poland professional ONLINE training for Strippers.

That is, in other words, STRIP -SYSTEM practical training for strippers in which you will find everything you need to become a successful dancer in the club and beyond.

My training will help you find an exit strategy. I will show you how to reliably, step by step, go from dream to realization. If you want to do something – do it well ie become a Stripper, but in a professional way. Together with Elis – my partner in the stripping business – we have created training courses for you in which we explain in simple steps how you can maximize your income working in the club. In spite of everyone and everything, we create online training and more. They will also be held with us in person in various cities in Poland. With you in mind, what you might REALLY need … For all those who want to expand their knowledge in stage presentation, seduction in dance, private dance for the client, basic pole dance figures for beginner dancers , and for advanced dancers various pole dance techniques in stage presentation.

Kate’s Diary agency a completely different tale from the local ones.

Have a vision, a mission, a goal a lot of creativity and, above all, passion. I realize that I run the agency in a completely different way than other local agencies in Poland that recruit dancers for foreign clubs.

I have my narrowed target group and do not act stereotypically. He doesn’t put everything in one bag. Quality costs money, and I do everything I can to become a first-class quality:) Everything must always go at its own pace, absolutely not at the expense of something or someone.

The main source of inspiration for founding an agency different from the local ones, was related to my problems when I personally started my career in stripping. The problems were related to my agent at the time. This meant sending me to a job that was as true as possible, but the club did not know basic information about me. Among other things, it was poor English and inexperience as a dancer on every level. This situation caused me to be fired from the club after three days. The club was not interested in what was going to happen to me next, and the agency spread its hands , because in many places in Europe there was a shortage of places for new dancers. The agency sent me to the capital of Denmark’s largest city on the east coast in Copenhagen. I waited nine days to work at the club. You can imagine my horror at the time. ( If you are curious about my whole story of how I became a stripper please visit my YouTube channel )

It was all these negative experiences that led me to start my own Polish stripper agency, based on first-hand experience. Agency where the first thing that matters is the relationship, and then the business. At my place you will not find any offers of clubs. It all works in a completely different way. First, my advice would be to go out towards you and see what suits you. Let’s talk, let me get to know you and let me understand your needs, and then let’s get to specifics and at the very end say that you are in the right place. 🙂

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

I rate my life as very good, even though, like everyone, I have had my ups and downs in it. I believe that a good part of the things I have achieved is due to the fact that I try not to make the same mistakes twice.

My confidence is at a high level today, as is my happiness in life. Why? Because I am as good to people as I can- and I feel I am someone of value.

I have MY life and MY approach, in which I am the mistress of my fate and it is I who shapes my reality. 8-years of running various businesses, however, all these years have not been a road strewn with roses. I really learned a lot during this time, both from successes and failures. You know how many times I fell, but I got up and then fell again and got up again and fell again and got up again. You can’t do otherwise as you create your stuff.


The “autonomy of being my own boss” was also something that gave me great pleasure, because I could accept or reject jobs at any time, which made my personal life very flexible. Today I operate in 8 countries. I started my career as a stripper myself 2 years ago, working in a club 5 or 7 days a week. I blazed all the trails for new dancers , so that they can feel safe and comfortable in every way. I think the aspect of liquidity and living at a decent level are the two main factors why girls start working in clubs. Flexible working hours, work in major European countries, travel in Europe, freedom and independence.

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