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Why are men attracted to strippers?

A confident step, a confident stance, a confident attitude!

Men are visual people this is known not from today. For centuries they have been fascinated by the fair sex. ” Brunettes, blondes I want to kiss all of you girls !”. Even Jan Kiepura sings about it. But why do men go to go-go clubs ? The answer is simple – because there are diverse, beautiful women there.

Before my eyes I have a picture of women with the status of wife, fiancée, girlfriend, etc., who call dancers the worst. I would then ask such a woman the question: what makes you talk this way and not that way? Such a hoax is very bad …, but I understand you perfectly ! You must certainly have some serious reason for this.

But let’s get back to the topic. Men love women who are mysterious, confident and even sophisticated in the positive sense of course, who know what they want. These four qualities form the envelope of how special they really are, becoming something unattainable. Men are conquerors and women seduce, but they do it more discreetly and that’s why guys consider themselves conquerors 😊. Women have been seducing men for centuries, but they do it so subtly that most often they are completely unaware of the game they have been caught up in.

Lady picks up Mr.

The subject of seduction can be approached in different ways. For many people it is just a game, which is an end in itself – we chase the bunny, because it is enjoyable, it is exciting fencing on insinuations and subtle insinuations.Such the essence of all flirtation, and the stripper knows perfectly how to do it : ) She establishes a thread of not yet bold trust on which she begins to build a common relationship with a man . Then there is a sense of security, and the man’s outside world begins to move away. He feels separated by a safe barrier.The stripper continues further with her playful flirtation.

It does not matter much here how this kind of flirtation will develop , whether it will last until next week, next month or next year. Flirting is not yet a relationship or, above all, any kind of betrayal, and it should not be considered in such terms. A man’s heart further belongs to the woman he is with in real life , and for a stripper “It’s a job like any other ” . Is it a real job ? Real, and very emotional ! After all, everyone knows , that there is a limit in the club , right ? And what happens in the club stays in the club :). Sometimes the story gets colorful and goes on : ) as well as both there is a relationship called “love” between a stripper , and a man. Love has more than one name, and its power is great (these are true stories).

A night out on the strip

Men are visual and we strippers know it very well ; ) . A man’s interest is another way of looking closely at a dancer . Then it is enough to reciprocate the gaze with a smile and, of course, eye contact must be maintained until the first conversation is established. Men are just as sensitive to objectification as women, so when the suggestion of first contact is too strong, they will back away from the spot. All the time we have to remember subtlety.

Casting stealthy glances in the direction of the man being picked up is also a very clear signal. It’s best then to add some subtle element, such as playing with her hair, which should inform the man emphatically enough that the stripper is interested in him. Strippers are associated by men with the epitome of liberation, self-confidence, lack of shame , women who show their sexuality at every turn, and each of them looks great even in wellies. Men are often stunned by the exuberant nudity, kinky movements and attractiveness of their bodies.

The biggest mystery for them is the life of a dancer . What is involved? Strippers are the opposite answer to everything men don’t really understand about women. Men are excited by an intelligent conversation with a woman, and women love men who are intelligent , yes …. Intelligence is very sexy! They are visual learners, but in addition to that, they really like to chat about interesting topics sometimes, and dancers can make memorable conversations out of mere chitchat. Often intrigued by the dancers’ conversations, they are hungry for knowledge so they return to the club and establish some kind of relationship with the dancer.


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