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Day of a stripper

If you are considering becoming a stripper or just curious about this job, you are probably wondering what a typical stripper’s day looks like. So i want to make it more clear and show our reality.

Its job (almost) like any other

It seems like any other job, but there is one “but”. You can imagine, it’s not a casual job from 9-5, so you have to be used to working mostly at night when it’s busiest. But relax, you won’t work from night to dawn every day.

What does a strippers day look like?

I won’t tell you how casual a stripper’s day looks, but I can tell you how my day looks (and also my club friends).

Strippers like me work 3 times per week on average. Of course, this is not a rule and sometimes you will work more but it depends on time. For example, the busiest period is when the big sports events start. You can trust me that the Super Bowl or Champions League final is a big event for men. They gather in pubs and restaurants to experience this exceptional event and have a great time. After matches and beers, they will come to your club to keep the party going, so you can be sure that they will need you. Christmas and Thanksgiving are also times when there are more clients. In reality, no one wants to be alone during that special time. Furthermore, if you work in some sunny and attractive destinations, you will work more during summer time. People on holiday are especially keen to party and have fun all night. You may have to work more than 3 times a week during those times, but it is not a rule. It depends on the place and club you work at.

Routine or flexible schedule?

During workdays, I get up very late, starting my day slowly and peacefully. I am not a person who gets up from bed immediately after opening my eyes, so I need at least a few minutes to just relax in bed. When it takes too long, I take my running shoes and do my daily cardio. It is very important for strippers to keep in shape because no one wants to see them fighting for breath while dancing. I need to recharge my batteries afterwards, so I am taking a huge coffee and a solid breakfest. Finally, I do my daily beauty routine, which I won’t explain because everyone has their own. Next, I have to do my daily duties such as laundry or cleaning my apartment. Shopping and cooking will be done at the end, when I get back from the gym. 

When it’s all behind me, i finally have time for myself. My free time never looks the same, because of my travelling lifestyle. If I am on the sunny coast, I am most likely to swim or sunbathe at the local beach. Otherwise, I’m exploring this place to the fullest and visiting the finest spots. Keeping the right level of cortisol is very helpful so you won’t gain weight. No matter how busy you are, relaxing is crucial for your health. Sometimes I have a glass of delicious wine, but it isn’t my usual practice. Nothing good lasts forever, so at evening, I gather with my friends and car takes us to club to make some show. Our ride is waiting for us if we want to leave and go home so we can end our long and wonderful days. 

As I mentioned, water is very essential during the day, so I drink it constantly. As I finish up my day at home, it’s time to see my furry friend, plan my next days, waste some time on social media and go to sleep. This will finish another exciting day. 

I think most of you would like this type of stripper routine. And there is only one way to find out 😉

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