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Recruiters at the Kates Diary agency

Dasha Smart from Ukraine

Hello! I’m Dasha Smart, 33 years old, 12 years in the industry. I am an experienced consultant and manager at the renowned Kate’s Diary agency, originally from Ukraine. My adventure with striptease began after coming to Poland in 2011, and years of intensive work allowed me to thoroughly learn about this industry.

I understand that each of you has unique needs and goals. That’s why my approach to each of you is individual. My pedagogical education provides a solid basis for creating contracts that meet your expectations, taking into account your experience and needs.

I offer not only support in professional matters, but also help in building self-confidence and achieving success. I want you not only to find a job, but also to experience unforgettable moments and joy from this fascinating journey.

I am convinced that work should be not only a challenge, but also a source of pleasure.
That’s why I support you at every stage.

Iva from England

Hello! I’m Iva, 32 years old, 12 years in the industry. I want to share with you my fascinating adventure that started in Greece. It was there, as a teenager full of dreams of travel and independence, that I discovered the world of striptease as an amazing opportunity to earn good money.

My idea was simple – to combine my love of traveling with a job that allows me to finance these dreams. I started traveling all over Europe, dancing in various clubs. It was an amazing experience that made my dreams come true and opened the door to unforgettable parts of the world.

If you are wondering whether such a job is for you, I will be happy to share stories from countries and clubs from different parts of Europe. My experiences can be an inspiration for you on how to combine your passion for traveling with a job that provides financial stability.

My experience may be a valuable tip for you on how to combine your passions with work and enjoy traveling and gaining new experiences.

Klaudia from Poland

Hi, my name is Klaudia. 33 years old, 12 years in the industry. For the last 7 years, I have been a manager in a strip club, where I not only managed the business, but also supported amazing women, introducing them to the fascinating world of nightclubs. Currently, as a recruiter at Kate’s Diary, I want to share my experience and support you every step of the way.

I believe in the development of every woman, both professionally and personally. At Kate’s Diary, we create an environment conducive to development, offering not only employment, but also the opportunity to develop skills, discover strengths, travel around the world and gain financial independence.

Together we can create unforgettable moments, develop and achieve goals. At Kate’s Diary, we strive to build trust and support every woman on her path to success.

Eric from Norway

Hello, my name is Eric, 42 years old. My life experience has given me a wide range of skills. I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years. My passion and interest in psychology led me to work as a recruiter at the Kate’s Diary agency.
Running nightclubs for many years opened my eyes to the fact that working in this industry is not only about dancing talent, but also about dealing with emotional and psychological challenges. I decided to be more than just a recruiter. My goal is to support the emotional and psychological development of girls at the Kate’s Diary agency.
I want every girl to feel appreciated and supported. For me, work is not only a way to earn money, but also an opportunity for personal development. I am proud to be part of this unique environment where not only financial goals are important, but also care for each person, where we achieve success together and support each other. on the way to personal and financial development.

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