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How strippers are dressed at club

Hey girls!

I got a lot of questions about what should stripper wear and which trends appear in the clubs, so I decided to post about this to clear all doubts.

Our bodies are the prettiest in every shape and type! It doesn’t matter if you weigh a few kilos more or less, whether you are tall or not or which size of bra you wear. The absolute truth is that your body is fantastic in every version. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t highlight your beauty using selected outfits. The secret of excellent private dance is not showing your bust at the beginning but awakening clients’ hunger sensually and slowly, revealing your body part by part. (This one of you that are not dancers yet should read carefully because it can be helpful in your bedroom ;p)


It matters what you are taking off. It’s hard to look sexy and confident when you wear your washed-out sweatpants. But if you have a sexy lingerie set, which includes pinned stocking to a garter belt, lace panties, a soft bra that is almost see-through or even subtle gloves, it won’t only take a breath of your clients but also make you more confident and will make you feel like a goddess.

Don’t let yourself bond with classic colours of lingerie. Do you feel that neon green or furious pink is your colour? Go on; you have ” a green light”! You can take classic black, innocent white or any other colour you like. Lingerie is crafted in every possible colour, so why not use it? Picking crazy colours will help you to stand out from the club classics.

The other things that should appear in your wardrobe and occur very often in mine are accessories. I love all harnesses, all belts and rings and other stuff. Even the most boring lingerie can blow away your clients with additions like that.

Do you, like me, love having fun with your lingerie “image”? Black stripes and belts are a must-have in my outfits, which makes me feel like a dominatrix who can conquer the world, but one moment later, I’m wearing airy, transparent dresses, which makes me feel innocent and sweet. My outfit is essential to how I feel, which is very important to my earnings. You will never never know who you meet.


Many corsets, tops and bralettes are very sexy but taking them off quickly, and sexy is a big challenge. Don’t take “normal” clothes on stage, which you can’t take off quickly and easily. The best and more practical are these with laces or latches. Also, zips seem to be created for dancers, as taking off the top or skirt with zipping takes a few seconds. You can often spot a dress code about dresses, but I always choose tight ones. They look very sexy but do not reveal that much, which stimulates the appetite of my clients. Fancy costumes are also a great deal, not only on Halloween. A naughty student or nurse is always on the spot.

Anyway, the most crucial thing in all this topic is your positive well-being. The wildest and sexiest outfit is for nothing if you don’t feel that it fits you and you are not confident. If you find an outfit that suits you, highlights your shapes and is very comfy, you can be sure it’s an excellent choice.

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