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Should I become a dancer?

Contrary to popular belief, not all dancers are young, perfect-looking women. In fact, the dancers range in age from 18 to 50 with different figures. Wondering what you can expect as an exotic dancer ? Today I’m going to let you in on the secret and tell you what are the most important issues you need to keep in mind when deciding to work in a strip club.


1. first of all, you must be a physical case

It is a misconception that you must have a perfect body to become a stripper! In fact, strippers come in a variety of shapes: long legs, large breasts, small bottoms, etc. Dancing is quite a physical effort. When you add a pair of very high heels it becomes even more difficult ! Make sure you are prepared for the physical demands that a dancer’s job requires.

In the beginning, you don’t necessarily need to have dance experience or skills. It’s a good idea to watch other girls’ performances to learn what a good show looks like.

2. realize the time you will have to devote to this work

In the beginning, you may have to work every night to try to get acclimated and to recoup the money you invested in yourself in the beginning. You will have to adjust to night work. This can interfere with the work you do during the day. If you plan to continue it, think about whether you can reconcile two jobs. This work doesn’t “just come along” especially when it comes to feeling comfortable on stage and show in a private room. You will need some time to make this decision, whether it is the right profession for you and to see if you can handle it.


3. remember that maintaining sobriety is a very important issue !

Many dancers abuse alcohol. We all know that this does not bode well for a bright future, especially for your earnings. Remember that with this comes the loss of work. You need to control what is going on around you at work ! You cannot afford to be out of cash flow through no fault of your own ! There are dancers who will have a drink once in a while and do very well with it.

4. Sometimes you will hear “yes” in response, and sometimes “no”

Being a dancer does not mean that you will be swept away by clients. There will be some customers who will not find you attractive or who may reject you altogether. You have to know, everyone has different taste, people perceive beauty in different ways. Do you want to deal with rejection, but don’t know how to do it ? Come to Kate’ Diary training with Elis and Kate).

As a stripper, you will have to present yourself at your best so that you can be spectacularly successful and can earn money that is satisfactory to you. The ability to sell is a very important issue when working , and salesmen need armored skin to achieve the goal ! ( Start being effective in sales with Kate’ Diary with Elis and Kate.)

It happens that customers will be rude after all, as in any industry. You will have to learn how to deal with people who are not always smiling, friendly and classy. As a stripper, you have to be immune to inappropriate behavior from customers. Make sure you are prepared for it.

5. problem in the club among dancers

I correct the misjudgments of dancers in the club and share my opinion on the subject. The girls at the club are open, friendly and always ready to help. No matter what kind of work environment you have everywhere was , is and will be a healthy competition that scion motivates you to do even more effectively. In this case, this competition starts with which dancer first catches the attention of a potential customer. These are women who are aware of their own value, do not feel discriminated against and do not feel competition among dancers.


1. buy outfits.

For starters, it can be a lingerie set that accentuates your curves. There are many online stores that offer outfit sets, clothing and bikini options. Choose an outfit style that fits your personality. For example, if you plan to dance to more upbeat pop or hip-hop songs, don’t dress in black, but choose something colorful striking. Choose bright colors, shiny. If you want to dance to rock music, go for a more edgy look with dark colors and chrome or metal accessories.

The cost of a professional outfit is 100 -170 PLN. Of course, you can choose something cheaper. Choose an outfit that fits your budget. Wait to buy more exclusive outfits. Buy them gradually when you gain liquidity. Try to match your outfit to the rules and decor of the club: )

2. buy shoes.

As a stripper on stage, you will not wear sneakers. The strippers are known for their so-called “stripping. “glass” tall tube dancing shoes: ). Sooner or later you too will have to purchase them. Think of those transparent, see-through platforms you’ve seen dancers wearing in movies. E.g.. “Pretty shoes” from Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. You can usually buy these shoes from the same store where you bought the outfit. Some online stores have kits on offer; for example, at a discount or free shipping, so take advantage of this by buying everything in one place.

A good pair of high heels can cost even more than your outfit, most likely 200 to 500 PLN . Stick to the lower end of the price range for the first pair and wait until you stabilize your earnings. Consider buying a pair that can match many outfits.


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