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Yes or no? And why? 

I will start from the beginning, i.e. where the expectation that a man will pay for a woman comes from. Contrary to appearances, the explanation is very simple. In the past, women from the upper classes did not have their own money, because due to their status they could not work – only men were engaged in earning money, so they also covered all expenses. 

Now the situation is completely different: women are usually completely financially independent, and often they earn more than men. However, in many people mind the stereotype is that a man should pay has remained. Is that right Know my opinion. 🙂 

Snares of apparent comfort 

I’m a woman too and I know it’s nice when a guy invites you on a date and covers the cost. However, what may be the rule at the first meetings will not last a lifetime. 🙂 

Remember that your own money, paying for yourself and generally understood financial independence give you the most important thing, i.e. freedom. Many women fall into the trap that I call apparent comfort snares. They like when a man pays for them, feeling comfortable without worrying about the amount of the bill. They get used to this convenience and begin to expect it will always be this way. The problem arises when, for example, you come on a date, but you don’t like the guy, but you didn’t take the money to pay for yourself. Then there is embarrassment, and you can’t just get up and leave. You fall into the trap of apparent comfort. 

A date in an expensive restaurant 

I know that many girls would say, “If he invited me to an expensive restaurant, let him pay for me. I don’t want to spend so much money on a meal. If I invited, I would choose a cheaper pub. ” 

And that’s a very good point. The problem is, you’re not guaranteed that the man will pay for you. So what to do in this situation? 

Just be honest and ask, “You know, we’re going to an expensive place, how do you imagine paying the bill?” If he says that everyone covers their costs, say that you would rather go to another, cheaper pub. Because is one date (and then another) worth breaking your budget? 

To sum up: paying for you is not a man’s duty. Some do it, others don’t. You should always be ready to pay for yourself and sometimes not allow a man to cover the bill. Why? You show him that you are independent and therefore more attractive. It is harder to get an independent woman, and men have the nature of conquerors. 😉 

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