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Why do certain clothes work so well on guys?

Girls… Let’s be honest: which of us realizing that we like guys doesn’t gives pleasure? That’s our nature: we like to feel confident, attractive and Emphasize your femininity. And what will do it better than a deep look, A mysterious smile and of course: the right clothes?

If Ever wondered why an objectively less attractive colleague in a A short skirt attracts the eyes of guys, while you remain invisible, today I have an answer for you. 🙂

There are certain clothes that have an exceptionally strong effect on men. A woman in them suddenly becomes twice as sexy, slender and alluring. But why is this happening? What makes these and not other garments so effective on guys? I already explain.


Starting From total classics. Each of us has at least one pair of pins at home, and Some (such as me) as many as a dozen! Why do we tempt men so strongly in them? Heeled shoes, first of all, add inches to us, making our legs They look longer and slimmer. However, this is not the only reason.

Stilettos change the alignment not only of the legs, but also of the entire silhouette. The bottom leans at a different angle, making it more uptight and making us feel sexier.


Our another secret weapon. 🙂 Surely you have heard more than once that the ideal female measurements are 90:60:90 (hips:waist:bust). Let me tell you one thing: it’s a myth!

Yes It’s really not at all about whether you have a few more centimeters somewhere or less. The most important thing is the proportions of the figure, it is what determines the visual attractiveness. In the dress, the hips appear wider, the waist narrower and the breasts more elevated. The figure begins to resemble an hourglass, that is, it has the ideal proportions, and wider hips signal fertility. And believe it or not, but Nature has created guys in such a way that even if they declare that they don’t want to have children it is instinct that draws them toward women whose hips are proportionately wide, and thus sexually attractive. What is there to say: nature does not cheat.

Also the cut, length, neckline or color of the dress affect how a man perceives you. So you can change dresses every night, and by properly selecting all the elements, you will always be fabulously sexy. My dancers have mastered this art to perfection. 😉

Accessories, or more than clothes

Earrings, necklaces, perfume – all of these are designed to further accentuate the our femininity. They focus a man’s attention on the face and cleavage, that is. some of the most attractive areas.

The guy’s gaze is already on us, but we obviously want more. 😉 That’s why we enhance our attractiveness with an enticing perfume scent to stay in his memory for even longer.


Blood Red Lips or the look of a predatory tomcat – which do you choose? Or maybe both?

Women often say that without makeup they feel naked. Larger eyes, hidden wrinkles, radiant skin – cosmetics can work wonders, so it’s hardly surprising that they work on guys, too. Good makeup enhances elements that are considered attractive, and further signals sexual interest. It is no coincidence that red lipstick, blush on the cheeks or optical enlargement of the eyes with eyeliner are so popular. It is these elements that become apparent on the face when we feel excitement.

Remember, That it is nice to please guys, however, the most important thing is to feel good about yourself herself. Therefore, do not blindly follow trends and do not imitate female colleagues. Find styles and clothes that you both look and feel good in.

Men can have very different tastes, so what won’t appeal to one will delight another. When you feel comfortable with what you wear, you also instantly become more confident, bold and sexy, and these are insanely attractive qualities. This way we have a win-win situation – for ourselves and the guy.

Catherine Hajduk :*

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