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If you want to travel to Switzerland, but are still undecided, be sure to read my post.

Red flags with a white cross fly overhead – an indispensable element of Swiss scenery.

Work comes first and everyone is committed to it. This goes on until at least 6:00 PM. And then, the city takes on a completely different face. People in Zurich are a little reserved. There is a culture of jealousy. It certainly has to do with money.


When I visited Switzerland for the first time, it struck me as incredibly expensive, the cost of living was unbearable to me. There is no shortage of restaurants, and also cafes, it is a well-functioning, exclusive catering industry. Everything must be Top in Switzerland. However, you cannot count on a cheap meal, while in the vicinity of the Hauptbahnhof it becomes more affordable.

The average wage in Switzerland in regular work is a net average of € 5,130.92 (CHF 5,578.03). Dancers and Hostesses can earn from 5,000 EUR to even 15,000 EUR in a month. With such high earnings, you will not even feel high prices. Also the guarantied salary that you earn is much more than the rest of Europe. Zurich has a lot of international businessmen and bankers, so it is always possible to meet people from all over the world and find the right customer.


In Switzerland, there is a different climate and pace of life. Zurich boasts the greatest club density, offers unique combinations of attractions, and it is never too late to party. It is all a matter of wallet thickness, strong head, and strength.

Langstrasse with hundreds of pubs, bars, pubs, bars, and restaurants. The nightlife here will never die out, more likely it will move elsewhere, People in Zurich like to have fun and regardless of age, beliefs, or race, having fun counts. Today, nightlife is tough business and there is no such thing as “easy money”. Each niche has already been occupied by several players, so only high-quality clubs are successful.


Travel around Switzerland download the SBB app – you can use it to buy tickets for literally everything – from a tram in Zurich to a 3-thousand-meter cable car. The SBB website is perfect for travel (and cost) planning. Everything in Switzerland is on time this include trains busses and your salary.


The Zürich Flughafen train station is located under the main hall, which houses the shopping center, serving the whole of Switzerland from 4 tracks. Interregio trains from Ticiono, Bern and Geneva stop here. Getting anywhere in Zurich is not a problem – it takes about 12 minutes to get to HB main station and trains leave every few minutes. You can buy tickets at the ticket office or in machines, at the entrances to the platforms (big, blue for 1-2 and 3-4).


  • Most shops are closed on Sunday.
  • Most street shops are open until 6pm
  • Shopping centers (e.g. Sihlcity, Glat) are open until 21:00 Mon-Sat.


Buy an internet package for Switzerland! The Helvetians did not accept EU directives and did not enter the EU’s online zone. You will find free WiFi at larger stations, Coop and Migros supermarkets, and McDonald’s.

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