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You deserve a break

Hi there, beautiful!

Working at a club can be exhausting. Especially when there are a lot of customers coming in on the weekends, you should take a break after these few days of solid work.

Don’t try to push yourself too hard. Exhausted and sore, you won’t earn much. Dancers should take care of themselves because they work physically. Additionally, the way you look determines how much you earn. Keep that in mind 😉

Daily reminder

I have already written about what I recommend doing in your free time, and what methods of regeneration I prefer. There are plenty of them, I don’t want to bore you, because you know yourself much better than I do, so you know perfectly well what improves your mood and well-being.

I just want to remind you how important this issue is. It’s not even about the earnings, but primarily about health <3

Take a closer look at yourself.

From time to time, ask yourself a few questions:

“How do I feel?” “Do I have a good mood?” “Have I been in pain lately?” “What is the condition of my skin?” “Has my physical fitness worsened?”

I hope you will remember this. Even if you’re not feeling great, try to grit your teeth at work, and then REST!!!

Dancers sometimes forget about the most important person, which is themselves. Don’t allow yourself to be neglected mentally and physically, and it will pay off for you in the form of earned money.

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