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Women’s solidarity at work – why is it so important and how do we build it?

Women have been fighting for their rights in the workplace for years. Although a lot has changed and the fair sex can boast high salaries and opportunities, sometimes things like unpleasant customers (people are just different) happen in workplaces (including the club). In such a context, women need to show solidarity and support each other. Why? That is what this article will be about.

Women’s solidarity is the strength that enables us to achieve better results at work. By supporting each other, we form a close-knit team that works more efficiently and effectively. When we have the feeling that we are not alone and that we can rely on someone, our self-confidence grows and thus our effectiveness at work increases. I know this from autopsy – when I started forming relationships with girls, my earnings on both sides increased! We shared experiences and gave each other good advice. Everyone benefited from it 🙂

Secondly, women’s solidarity is a way to build healthy relationships between employees. By supporting each other, we create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, which translates into a better quality of work. We feel good in such an environment, and this affects our well-being and motivation. In contrast, when we have to deal with negative emotions such as jealousy or rivalry, our work becomes less effective. I used to work with one girl who was earning mega well. Most of the dancers envied her and wished her badly. I – hugely impressed – congratulated her and invited her for coffee. Guess what? She told me about her sales techniques and suggested we try to sell something together next time!

Don’t forget that you were starting too!

What does that entail? Every dancer has come that first time to a club at some point and didn’t know where to start. It’s worth approaching a new girl and offering to help her. I always try to support such people because I know that working in a new place is always stressful (at least at the beginning).

So how do you build solidarity among women at work? First of all, we must listen to each other and show support. If we know that our colleague is having difficulties at work, it is worth offering her help and support. Also, it is worth organising team-building meetings or training sessions to encourage team integration. This will help us get to know each other better and make it easier to communicate and work together.

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