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Why it’s worth to try clubs apartament?

Dlaczego warto korzystać z zakwaterowania zapewnionego przez klub

Beginning a new chapter in a new club should start by using accommodation guaranteed by the club. If you pick business accommodation, it will help you getting know other dancers from your club. And that will be a huge first step, making your first day more relaxed and free of stressful introduction. Besides that, it will help you to understand how things work and how your job looks in this specific example. Even if you think about staying longer at some place, you better think twice if it’s a good decision to get into a housing agreement etc. 

People are strange sometimes and are driven by bizarre reasons. They could be doing it because of fear of being replaced by you, so if they are trying to demotivate you, be careful. Remember, anyway, to not believe in everything that they say. Another reason is that the topic of work is very individual; some people are more satisfied than others because of their preferences. So you have to carefully separate opinions from facts. Living with your workmates has another advantage: supporting each other. You always have someone that you can talk to about everyday problems. You are not lonely, and these people can understand you even better than your own family. On the other side, it doesn’t mean that you should trust completely, don’t talk too much about your private life.

Safety first

When it comes to club accommodation, it is often located very close to your workplace or in a close neighbourhood. It’s becoming a massive help if you return home in the middle of the night. In that situation, you are not straying at 5 a.m. alone because you always have other dancers and hostesses at your back. With many friends, chances of getting into trouble are much lower (even if you are light-headed after a bottle of champagne). Also, you won’t spend a fortune on a taxi or uber if you are splitting costs with your friends who don’t want either going home with wet hair. 

Savings and comfort

Remember all these things you had to do when looking for an apartment? Spending hours scrolling through craigslist, analysing the map of the city or calculating costs. It’s all unnecessary when you use club accommodation. These offers are almost always more profitable than you could ever find elsewhere. So you will save a lot by going that way. 

You live as long as you work at a club apartment, so you don’t worry about paying for a flat you don’t use anymore. Unfortunately, at some places, you must pass through tons of paperwork and documents for landlords before you even start thinking about moving in. Do you want that?

Party or work? 

My best memories of living in a club apartment were when we were preparing with girls to work on weekend evenings. Chatting and helping each other with make-up or outfit makes you feel like you are going to party with best friends, not like going to work. You feel more relaxed and in a good mood. And also, the best way to find secrets and life hacks about how women prepare themselves is to watch her when she is doing it. That’s where you will get the best advice about make-up!

Next lesson: You!

Another advantage is discovering yourself. By living with roommates, you will find out what you like and hate. You are learning how to cooperate but also how to make healthy borders at your place. It’s the best thing you can do for your future relationship, trust me. 

Don’t forget that you are sharing a place with your flatmates, so you have to respect their borders so they will do the same for you. You have to respect their things, even if they are left in a commonplace. If you are worried about your stuff, use some protection or sign them, but don’t make it obvious, so your friends won’t think you don’t trust them. It can be hurtful for your relations.

You can’t forget about another important thing. Living with other dancers means that you don’t have to explain yourself, how you earn your money or why you are coming back that late. It gives more freedom and makes life easier. 

Last piece of advice

If you feel that you are the maximum introvert / you are obsessed with order / you regenerate only in complete silence – it’s always worth trying. The beginning will be difficult, but later the effort will be awarded. 

But if you tried many times, and the results were always the same, it’s better to let go of the idea of a club apartment and start looking for something for your own.

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