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Why is a good agent a treasure?

“All you have to do is take that first step” – how easy is that say. In fact, it turns out that often before taking a life in the Our own hands are held back by a myriad of reasons. Do you know this from autopsy? Not You are alone – I also fought this fear that made radical changes forever is postponed. I know very well that the beginnings can be hard – especially, When you embark on a new life path all alone.

I learned the importance of having the support of someone I trust many times at the beginning of my career. Teamwork, satisfaction, success – all this comes with time. How much time you need to achieve it is 90% up to you. And the other inconspicuous 10%? This is where I – your agent – comes into action.


Although the work of a dancer undoubtedly gives you the opportunity to be a , “the blacksmith of your own destiny,” starting, you need a guide who Will introduce you to the secrets of the work, while being your personal angel WATCH. It is the agency that handles all the formalities in which the you may get lost at first. As an intermediary between the dancers and the club, I arrange contracts and give the girls all the necessary information regarding the premises.

How to check if an agent is worthy of your trust? Hard o better sign of quality than the good reputation of the dancers. For Kate’s Diary Agency it’s priority issue – my mission is to give you a good start, but Also taking care of job satisfaction. And, of course, security. Behind their Dancers I will literally jump into the fire – as they themselves say about me. 😉

Are you worried about needing “too much” support? In the dictionary of Kate’s Diary , “too much” does not exist. I am aware that every dancer has different needs, based on her psyche and experience. Whether you prefer to go it alone or need frequent contact, an agent should be available to you if you have any questions or concerns.

Before the contract

Getting started as a dancer involves choosing a club. ,,Chemistry” between the club and you is essential – you must feel there well, like “at home.” And once you have chosen, I will guide you through booking process.

Trust your agent as he trusts you. Gain Above all, security and support – after all, I’m here just for You. I will watch with a smile as you develop professionally. Before trip, I provide you with all the information about the property – just ask about the What you want, and I will answer, explain and show you.

Not sure if this is your world? Give yourself a chance to find out. You can sign a one-month or even a two-week contract to see if the club suits you.

After signing the contract

Regardless of whether your starting point is fabulous Copenhagen, port city Hamburg or thoroughly Scandinavian Oslo, always I remain at arm’s length. As a dancer, you also have the opportunity to travel around the all over Europe, working at a different club every month.

I will take care of you every step of the way – not just during The first contract, but also subsequent contracts. Finally, together with my girls we form a cohesive #dreamteam 😉

Cooperation based on trust is a treasure for both parties. Im longer, the more effective – getting to know you better and better, I can efficiently Match clubs to your preferences and availability. Usually girls value the constancy offered by a permanent relationship with a single agent. If you are looking for someone to explain this new and fascinating world to you – I am here for you. In fact, Kate’s Diary Agency is not just a business, it is for me a way of life. 🙂

When starting my own business, I set a goal for young girls that there are no dreams too big. There are only things we are afraid to dream about. And I am just fighting this fear.

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