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Where did you got all of this money and the explanation of your income to others

Unfortunately, many dancers are afraid of telling the truth about their work for one reason – they are worried that society will judge them because of a job that is still in a bad light for an unclear reason. But you only know how working as a stripper really looks like.

Before we answer this vital question, ask yourself if it is necessary to explain anything to anyone.

First, if anyone asks you this type of question and needs information like that, it shows only a lack of tact and manners. Looking at someone’s wallet is just rude, so don’t feel guilty if you bail on this question.

However, if it’s an absolute necessity and you can’t miss that question, try to make it as short as possible. You can also create a new reality if you are not admitted to your work. A quick and easy escape from this question is to explain that you are working at closed and private events. Imagine this person would be curious enough to visit you at your workplace. It’s easy to avoid it, explaining that the event requires maximum privacy with an entire focus, so you don’t have the opportunity to leave your place during work. The only and the worst option to find out is entering the club, which is not happening often.

Money prefers silence

The easiest way to prevent questions about money is… not showing that you have it. So if you want to show the world your funds, better think twice. Sometimes it is just better to leave your treasure for yourself. 

Are you travelling a lot? Make them think that you are the best at finding tours on cheap. Or you have friends at travel agencies. Or your friends just told you about life hacks, but you can’t tell anyone. 

It’s hard to prove whether pieces of information from abroad are authentic or not. You can use it and explain as you want. Even if the truth comes out, don’t feel guilty about how you make your money. It’s not bad, and it’s the result of your hard work. You are the boss of your own life.

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