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What does a nightclub dancer’s job entail?

The answer on the surface is obvious: on dancing! However, the girls ask: how many dances during the evening, how to perform these dance shows, and, of course, how much they will earn from them. Today I will dispel any doubts – I will talk about the work of a dancer in a club from A to Z. In previous texts on the blog I have already described what the interior of the club looks like: usually there is one main room and several private rooms. Dancers earn money in 3 ways (simultaneously), and how much money they get is basically up to them. There is no glass ceiling here, experienced girls can work out even several thousand zlotys in one night. What is the secret of their high earnings and how to use it for yourself? I’m already revealing

Public show – way No. 1

Each dancer performs 4 to 6 dance shows in the main hall per night. This is the girls’ primary job, which guarantees them a financial base, usually 50 euros/evening. In some clubs this rate is higher, but even so, this amount is only the beginning of the real earnings. The public show is an opportunity for dancers to showcase their skills to guests. So basically, this dance is supposed to open you up to much higher sums that you can earn for…

Selling drinks and champagne – way No. 2

One part of a dancer’s job is also to talk to customers. After the show, the girls sit at tables and interact with club guests. And this creates another opportunity to make money. Customers buy drinks for the dancers, and they receive a certain % (the amount depends on the club) from their sales each time. Champagnes are especially financially beneficial, so I always encourage the girls on my team not to hesitate to offer guests to buy them. Alcohol sparks the fun at the table together, and you get the opportunity to get to know your guest better. During the conversation, you can ask him, for example, what kind of dance he likes and, at the next show, perform just such a dance, asking then how he liked it. Good customer contact and dancing skills are the easy way to the last way to earn high earnings

Private dances – way No. 3

You still remember the private rooms I mentioned in the introduction? 😉 Customers can ask the girls for a private dance – whether they The dancer agrees, depends entirely on her. This is why the earlier stages: presentation of dance skills and establishing relationships with guests are so important. They are the ones that determine whether you will have the opportunity to perform private dance, and thus really high earnings. You can also offer customers private screenings – here it is all about certainty yourself.

And if you are now wondering how to perform such a dance in a private room, I have some tips for you. 😉

First of all, start your preparations while talking over a drink: ask about preferences, movements, which of your dances he liked best etc. This way you gain an advantage right from the start, because you don’t have to guess what a particular guy likes and what doesn’t turn him on at all. Also during the of the dance, observe his reactions to the various positions, keeping constant with him eye contact. You can quickly sense what he likes best.

I have prepared a short instructional video for you, where I discuss the various movements in the dance. It’s a basic yet effective deal – you can definitely handle it!

And how? Was it difficult? Remember that practice makes perfect. 😉 Practice these movements several times with your favorite music, and you will quickly feel yourself dancing confidently and freely.

And if you still have additional questions about what it’s like to work as a dancer at the club, click the “Contact” tab and email me! I will share everything I know.

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