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What all about these drinks? 


I often mention how important it is to buy drinks from the customer. However, have you wondered why I talk about it so much? I would like to explain to you the whole “confusion” about buying drinks from the customer. 

Are you aware that, in addition to dancing, you must have the right approach to the customer. Chatting with him, maintaining that relationship during his stay in the club, and encouraging him to buy symbolic drinks for both of you. 


The idea of buying a drink comes from the rules in the club. Each nightclub gives a bonus to each dancer for the number of drinks purchased from her. In some places, it is the customer’s duty to order an entry drink, without which he cannot stay in the presence of beautiful dancers – this is the rule. This is present in some places – the overwhelming majority of customers, enter and only buy drinks after a while. 

How do I convince a customer?

By reading my e-book “The best scripts for talking to customers”, you will learn what texts you can use. There are plenty of them and they depend on each type of customer. In short, you have to sense the needs of the person and lead the conversation in such a way that they feel comfortable in your presence and like you 🙂 

Drinks in clubs are a great thing. They are treated as tips for strippers, which are added to the daily earned tips. On my website, you will find a tab where I describe the bonus for each drink – it is worth reading 😉 

So what can I wish for? A lot of drinks! 

Your Kate <3″ 

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