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Use this lines during sales! 

Hi, gorgeous! 

Some customers keep dragging their feet when it comes to saying “YES”. They are not decisive, they want to talk as long as possible, and that’s not the point. Time is money. If you decided that YOU WILL SELL A PRIVATE DANCE TODAY, then do it. I would like to present to you some probable texts that you may hear from an undecided customer. 

Maybe later?

The classic of the genre. I’ve heard it many times, so I’ve already found a way for it. 

“No problem, I’ll come back in a while” – the best answer. It doesn’t leave the customer under pressure, and you can take a break. During this time, the guy has time to think, because EITHER he wanted to buy a private show OR you caught him at the wrong time. 

“Ok, can I stay with you until then?” – this way you will find out if the customer is interested in you or he just can’t be assertive and doesn’t tell you that. 

“Okay, and can I stay with you until then?” – this will tell you if the client is genuinely interested in you or if they just can’t be assertive and aren’t telling you.  

I’ve only just come… 

“Perhaps you would like to sit in a cool company?” – will make the customer feel comfortable, and if they have come alone – they will gain benefit. Sometimes clubs can overwhelm a person who doesn’t go there often. And if you’ve come across a customer for whom this is a first experience – all the more appropriate text. 

“Well, why did you come here? You can look at any of us at will all night! I can be the first one ;)” – sometimes a client needs to be reminded why they came to the club.  


The worst of scenarios. But don’t break down! Everyone has their preferences, and you can help your workmates in this way 🙂 . 

“Ok, I get it. Is there maybe a girl here that you’re particularly interested in? I can go for her, I’m sure she’ll want to play with you!” – there is definitely such a person. By doing so, you’ll probably help ANOTHER person sell a dance, but goodness pays and either karma will come back and you’ll be selling a private show in no time, or your friend will do the same next time. 

“Ok, but you don’t know what you’re missing dear 😉 Maybe I’ll come to you again in a while?” – trying to negotiate when a client has said “No” may not be easy. If you’ve come across a behemoth, he might start wooing you, but if the type turns out to be OK – you’ll break his heart with your confidence. 

Why do you work here? 

Some people would like to create a psychological profile of each person. I’ve met such, but there are plenty of answers! 

“I just earn a lot of money and have a lot of fun at the same time”. – that’s impressive. Some people think that strippers are haters of their job. Nothing could be further from the truth! We have a lot of fun! 

“If I didn’t work here, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet cute guys like you”.  – You’ll boost His ego with this, and guys love it. 

These are just a few of the possible answers. If you’d like to know more, I’d recommend buying ‘Striptease from A to Z’, which you can find in the shop. I also encourage you to browse the rest of the range. It all helps budding strippers become the best at their craft. 

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