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Time for your first Pleasers!


I’m passing on a ton of tips and knowledge to you here so you can get to know the industry better. I’ve mentioned so many aspects – from choosing songs to the best lyrics. Today I’m coming to you with advice on buying shoes for striptease, or more specifically, for Exotic Pole Dance (i.e. Pleasers)!

What is Exotic Pole Dance? It’s a dance class for women (although men are starting too!), focused on sensual choreography and, most importantly, high heels. A little similar to pole dancing – but still more challenging.

Why do I mention Exotic Pole Dance? This is a class you can sign up for to work out your physique or learn some cool tricks on the tube. Exotic focuses on moves on the dance floor, with the shoes doing the ‘wow’ effect for this reason. You don’t have to have Pleasers in the club! On the other hand, if you want to and feel confident in them – as much as possible you can try your hand at heels during work.

Buying the right shoes is one of the most important elements when preparing to dance. The right footwear can help you feel more confident and add a touch of sex appeal to your performance. 

There are TONS of different models of dance shoes on the market today. So it’s no wonder girls struggle to choose the right footwear. I’m coming to the rescue 🙂 .

Why do these shoes have to be so high?

Apart from the aesthetics – a high heel forces a different foot position and therefore all the turns are performed much better and easier thanks to a sole adapted to this type of movement. The sooner you switch from a low heel to a high heel, the sooner you will learn to perform all sorts of tricks (with the right technique) and catch your balance, which is important in the club. 

Model of your first Pleasers

When I first started dancing, there was little information on choosing the best model. The best ones were ‘glass’ – shoes with a transparent platform. They come in different variations – they have coloured or transparent stripes or are made of a material of a slightly different colour, such as red. 

What kind of straps? Silicone, leather…?

If I had known this beforehand – I would have chosen silicone ones. Leather ones bruise the legs quite a lot, which is painful. Silicone has the property that regardless of our body temperature – it adapts to it. Silicone straps are so comfortable that even when girls buy shoes where the strap is factory leather, for example – they change to silicone.

Made-to-measure shoes

When it comes to sizing, US sizes apply. Consequently, the measurements will differ from the European ones. Measure your foot and compare it with the sizes on the website. If you want to try on shoes at home, you can also find such shops in Poland! Check if there is somewhere you can buy Pleasers in your area. 

In addition to comfort and stability, strip shoes should also accentuate your figure. Ideally, they should fit snugly and accentuate your foot shape. The right model can elongate your legs and further enhance your sex appeal. Whatever shoes you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in them. Health and safety are key elements in any performance, and the right stripper shoes will help you succeed.

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