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The right attitude in the dance industry – one of the keys to success!

Imagine a situation like this.

You think you have everything – the right outfit, shoes, skills. It might seem that this is enough. But… you arrive at the club and nothing. Here something is catching, there the music is inappropriate, and that customer has somehow given you a crooked look. With everything you’ve got so far, you’re not earning as much as you’d like. Do you know why? Because you don’t have the right attitude to work!

Appearance is also your smile!

You are aware that strippers earn money with their looks and with their bodies. For this reason, they are very well groomed, athletic and have everything that every dancer should have. However, if a girl doesn’t smile, looks bored and tired in the club – well, success doesn’t bode well. Your appeal is all about your physical appearance – including your smile! Even if you’re a grouchy person in everyday life, don’t show it at the club. Here, if you want to make good money, everything counts. I’ve already mentioned that clients don’t want to be around people who only whine and grin – keep that in the back of your mind!

It’s your job – give 100% of yourself

Some girls don’t do their best during their working hours because they often have a day’s pay anyway, so the motivation to earn through tips or selling drinks drops. This is understandable when a stripper has a weaker day (e.g. her period), but this situation should not happen often! It is often the case that the cash from ‘bonuses’ exceeds the regular day’s pay. Be sure to use options to earn money by, for example, selling a private dance, or drinks and champagne. 

Affirm regularly

Success can be attracted. I recommend you affirm as often as possible. I follow this principle. I even recorded a Youtube video on attracting money. I heartily encourage you to take a look at the link Motivation affirmation for success in club sales. Transformation for a stripper. – YouTube

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