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The most interesting place in Denmark – Aalborg

Reading the description of the port of Aalborg on Wikipedia, you get the impression that this is the last place on the list of interesting cities to visit. The capital of Jutland, the fourth largest city in Denmark, an industrial and commercial center, surrounded by lakes, swamps and peat bogs…

Nothing could be more wrong! Aalborg is much, much more! For many (including me) it is considered the most interesting city in Denmark and an excellent base for events. 😉 There is a reason. In the evenings, the Danes hide their peaceful nature deep in their pockets and together with tourists walk around the city in search of fun until dawn (often in night clubs). And all this is done in the company of vodka produced here, but more on that in a moment … Before I tell you more about night life, it is worth mentioning that it is not boring during the daytime. First of all, the city has a fantastic atmosphere, created by charming buildings in the center and modern architecture in the coastal zone. There is also a recreational center on the waterfront: restaurants, cinemas, galleries and concert halls. To see something interesting, just look around. You can come across the House of Music – the most interesting example of architecture in Denmark or the building designed by the famous Jørn Utzon (author of the Sydney opera project). The streets of the city are full of nice people – such a charm of locals – and there is always something going on here. What can I say: Aalborg delights both at night and during the day.

Aalborg Nightlife

Thinking about Aalborg in the context of fun, immediately two things come to mind: the longest bar-club street and the largest carnival festival in northern Europe.

Every year in May, crowds of tourists and professional dance groups come to Aalborg to take part in a four-day carnival festival. The streets are crossed by a procession of dancing people in scanty colorful costumes and strong make-up. At every step the local specialties are poured: caraway vodka Aalborg Akvavit. Anyone can join this crazy fun – I didn’t hesitate. 😉

Every day, most of the night life is concentrated on St. Anne’s Street, which is reportedly the longest avenue of this type in all of Denmark. Along her stretch clubs with live music, pubs, discos with crowds of dancing people on the dance floor and many other quaint places. The owners of the premises, wanting to distinguish themselves from the rest and attract the largest number of customers, create a unique atmosphere. Night clubs are no exception: the girls present fantastic dance shows. No wonder local people are always full of generous guests. And so you can drink Guinness the same evening in an Irish pub, and then go crazy in the salsa rhythm in the club next door. The fun lasts until dawn – most places close only in the morning. Prices, depending on the place, range from moderate to high, but for this amazing atmosphere everyone comes to visit them at least once.

You can easily get to Aalborg by low cost airlines, Flixbus or with private carriers. The city is well connected, but the center itself is so small that there is no need for public transport – you will discover all attractions on foot.

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