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The girls are sexy, the customers are rude, and the owners…?

My stories are full of mentions of girls (dancers) and clients. If you’ve been following my blog then you’ve already met their stories, thoughts and priorities. When creating texts, I have the feeling that I am again in the place I am describing. The sounds and images return, but after a while I realize that something is missing in them….

I almost never tell you about the club owners, without whom, after all, the whole business would not exist! It may seem that these are not very interesting characters, but…. nothing could be further from the truth. 😉 You’ll see in a moment that they can have extremely colorful personalities.

Life of club owners

Long nights and short days – club owners have exactly the same lifestyle as bartenders or dancers. This makes it very easy to isolate themselves from social life: as they return from work and go to bed, the rest of the world wakes up to life. While they work, others play. Taking care of a club is a huge responsibility and requires 100% focus. Is it tantamount to a lack of enjoyment at work? Not necessarily. 😉 I have met amazing people who break out of these patterns: owners who actively participate in the active life of the club and do not allow themselves to be left behind.

In the role of bartender

During my trip to Oslo, Norway, I met a club owner who has been in business for 20 years and stands behind the bar himself every night. This is his way of actively participating in the life of the premises and the people staying there.

I asked him how he manages to maintain his inextinguishable motivation to work after so many years. He was surprised:

“Motivation? Here, every night is different, surprising. I have to motivate myself not to come to the club too early!”

As a dancer

Sweden surprised me in many ways, and the Gothenburg club was no exception. I met with the owner of the premises there to discuss working conditions for my girls. It was the middle of the week, the guests were few, and I had specially arranged during the club’s “business hours” to see how it operates on a daily basis.

During the conversation, the owner excused me for a moment, gracefully stood up, walked over to the tube and performed an amazing 3-minute show, only to return to me a moment later. Seeing my surprised look, she said:

“I often dance together with the girls. This is my passion, which at the same time allows me to never forget that dancing is a demanding job.”

Even then I knew that I would establish cooperation with her.


In Munich, I met more people who changed the way I looked at the dance business. The owner has been running the club for 14 years, and his wife works there as a dancer. An extremely open marriage that does not succumb to social conventions. They are happy, living by their own rules, and meeting them was another important lesson for me.

The world of nightclubs is certainly colorful and interesting. Almost every day I take a closer look at it and it reminds me more and more of a reality show. One from which it is difficult to take your eyes off.

Kate :*

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