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The best sport activities for dancers 

Hey, darling! 

Are you aware that when you dance for people, your image counts? How you look and present yourself will reflect your earnings. I have already written about how to take care of your physical condition and I have mentioned physical activity. Cardio, strength training, stretching… what to choose, with so many options? And most importantly – what is the best? I’m here to help! 


By choosing this physical activity, you will primarily be stretched and achieve a slim figure. Yoga also has a positive effect on muscle pain caused by stress. What else? It strengthens your muscles, so you can be more creative with the pole on the dance floor. Additionally, this sport calms and relaxes, it can be combined with meditation. 


 It is similar to yoga. It is a relatively peaceful sport that stretches the muscles and soothes the mind. As a dancer, you need to have impeccable posture, and you will achieve this thanks to Pilates. You can do this training yourself at home, all you need is a mat and a few minutes of free time. Just like yoga – anyone can do it and it does not require special preparation. 


Boxing, karate, kickboxing… Take your pick! If you have been on a self-defense course, you will definitely like martial arts. If not – it’s a great alternative to peaceful, typical “feminine” disciplines. Many women train in boxing and they are very fond of it! Fighting arts develop self-confidence, calmness, and a high level of psychological resistance. Additionally, they develop combativeness, add courage and teach how to overcome fear. Good mental health translates into improving physical health. Encouraging, isn’t it? 


Said in a nutshell… At the gym, you will find EVERYTHING! You can do cardio training there, by running on a treadmill, for example, but you will also find a place for strength training, which I highly recommend! Nothing builds a butt like weights 😉 Additionally – at the gym you can do stretching and yoga, and there are also dance classes. So, as you can see – it’s a great place for a dancer! 

Remember that the most important thing is to find something you enjoy doing, and then you will be more motivated to stick to your training schedule. 


I think that if you are interested in a wide variety of dances, then going to a course is a good idea. Whether it’s ballroom dancing or belly dancing – you will find yourself in one of these fields. It’s worth trying your hand at this discipline at least once. 


Well… that’s probably obvious 😉 Although pole dance is a bit different from striptease, I’ll tell you that many strippers start their adventure this way. Pole dance is a great solution to increase the strength of your muscles and learn various acrobatics that you can then use… on the dance floor 🙂 

Even if you never liked the physical activity and were the first person willing to escape from PE class, all is not lost. If some of you haven’t discovered a sport that would be right for you yet. I highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with my suggestions. You will find out how beautiful and pleasant sports can be when you do something you like. 

Kasia <3 

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