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The art of persuasion

One of the best bonuses when working is for the client to buy a private dance. How to do it? 

Convincing for a drink may count as one of those simpler things, but the road to your “solo” is not much longer! 

Yes, it can be a bigger problem if you work on the weekend, because then there are a lot of people, so you won’t talk to the client much, and that’s the most important thing in all this. 


It’s one of the success factors. Do you know what you need to pay attention to when you start a conversation? First of all, to be smiling, cheerful, and funny. Are you having a worse day? You shouldn’t show it to the customer. It may be difficult, but the truth is those guys come to clubs to relax, unwind and, above all – to forget about their problems, to amuse themselves. If you went to a club for this purpose, would you want someone to start telling you about his ex, for example? You would strive to end this conversation as soon as possible and look for an escape route. Keep this in mind. 

Start influencing his answers 

If you know a little about human behaviour and the art of manipulation, I’m unlikely to surprise you. One way to get a positive response is to ask obvious questions that someone is sure to answer in the affirmative! Example: you ask the customer if he is enjoying himself – YES; you ask if he likes the place – YES; you ask if YOU like him – YES 😉 The person on whom you use this method won’t even notice that you are trying to influence him, and finally, when you ask that last question (about a private dance), you can expect an agreement. 

Positive energy 

I’ve already mentioned above the importance of smiling at the client despite everything, but I’ll repeat it. DON’T SHOW SADNESS, DESPONDENCY, OR FATIGUE. This can scare people away. Besides – even if the day is not the best of successes, the redemption of the dance by the customer can improve your mood 😉 It is worth the effort because it pays off. 

Talking to a client – especially the first one – often causes dancers stress and uncertainty. This, unfortunately, shows on their faces and in their behaviour. If you’re one of those girls who stress about such things, imagine that it’s just your colleague or just a regular person you want to get to know. Put yourself in the role and everything will go your way 🙂 

May you have as many dances as possible! 

Kasia <3

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