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Working in a nightclub in Thailand - a dancer's career on the second
end of the world!

Working in a nightclub in Thailand is a fascinating and exciting career path, full of countless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. At Kate’s Diary Agency, we focus on your aspirations and security, offering excellent working conditions and professional support at every stage of your career. If you love dancing, feel confident in your body and get satisfaction from the admiration of the opposite sex, working as a stripper in a nightclub in Thailand could be a hit! Thailand, with its picturesque beaches, cultural richness and extraordinary hospitality, makes the perfect backdrop for a nightclub career. Working in this exotic location can become not only a source of income, but also an unforgettable life experience. Enjoy not only the spectacular performances, but also the opportunity to explore Thailand’s fascinating culture and make new friends in a dynamic environment. The nightclub industry in Thailand is extremely open and accepting, offering support and training to help you succeed in a short period of time. Thailand’s culture, rich in traditions and open to diversity, creates a welcoming environment for nightclub workers. Don’t be afraid to realize your potential to ensure not only a stable future, but also job satisfaction!


Phuket, is the country’s largest island and a popular tourist destination, where tourism is the backbone of the economy. Daily life on Phuket is perfect for enjoying the beaches, and the nightlife in Phuket and Patong is world-renowned for its colorful and carefree atmosphere. The night scene has developed significantly to attract different types of travelers and is not as noisy as in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Working at a club in Phuket

Opening Hours:

22:00 – 4:00/5:00


♦️ 15000 BAHT for a dancer

♦️ 10000 BAHT for hostess

♦️ Tips: 50%

♦️ Bottles sold: 10%

♦️ Drinks/Snacks: 20%

♦️ Paying for a one-way ticket. If you choose the option without basic compensation, round-trip tickets will be paid for

Additional information:

♦️ Salary is paid at the end of the contract.

♦️ Commission for tips and drinks 3 times a month, on the 3rd, 13th and 23rd.

♦️ Contracts for 3 and 6 months, extendable at your discretion. Early termination is not possible.

♦️ Dancing on stage 2 songs, second song topless

♦️ In private rooms, girls dance a private dance fully nude, for an additional fee they can allow themselves to be touched, but without much intimacy.

♦️ At the club, in addition to dancing on stage and in private rooms, the girls have to approach guests and offer their company at the table, selling drinks, from which they also earn money. Girls should be cheerful, smiling, able to join any company and create the atmosphere of the party.


♦️ Cost: 100 BATH per day

♦️ Rooms are a 15-minute walk from the club


Stripper Thailand – financial independence and fulfillment of your dreams

Performing striptease in a Thai nightclub not only opens up spectacular income prospects, but also the door to financial independence that is difficult to experience in many other professions. Whether you choose to work part-time or invest in a full-time career, stripper jobs in Thailand can bring you not only quick, but also significant profits. It requires no special qualifications or work experience, making it an attractive option for people with diverse life paths. Work as stripper Thailand not only gives you a chance for financial success, but also opens the door to personal and professional development. Through this work you can gain self-confidence, master the art of body expression and improve communication skills. At Kate’s Diary Agency, we make sure that your nightclub job in Thailand is not only exciting, but also safe and rewarding. Our professional support includes not only work-related aspects, but also assistance in coping with the new environment and culture. Together with us, you can walk confidently along this unique career path, achieving both professional and personal success. Join our agency and discover why working in a nightclub in Thailand can be not only a job for you, but also an amazing adventure of a lifetime!

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