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Reaction „Fight Or Flight”

Some time ago I decided to take a break from social media, go completely offline, I didn’t feel
up to it. I needed to calmly work through some things that I felt I needed to process,
alone and at my own pace.
The prospect of facing a difficult situation activated my “fight or flight” response, and I had a
choice in terms of how to react. I chose to stand and fight!

Moving out

The hardest thing for me was to come to terms with leaving my apartment. For me, it was more than just an apartment, it was my safety, which I had to leave due to the cost of which was beyond my ability to cover during these times. But I did not let the irrational feeling of guilt and anger towards myself win. However, I certainly experienced positive, negative, and neutral emotions before returning to an emotional balance. I have found that mental exhaustion is like physical exhaustion. The unexpected emotional side effects of relocating made me stop and talk to myself more than a few times to realize that I am not alone and that I am not crazy about how I felt. Tired, powerless, anxious, scared, angry! I forgot what fatigue really means. It is interesting to observe myself in such situations, totally task- oriented and active, when even the day before I thought that I would never get out of bed

If someone asked me today who I am

I would say without hesitating that I am Kaśka Hajduk, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the most laid-back city in Scandinavia, Europe, perhaps even the World. I am a creator, blogger, dancer, woman under 30 fighting for a better tomorrow, a woman addicted to sports with a difficult to identify hair color, Chris Challenor’s partner. From others, I know I am cool, laid back, ordinary, so normal, so funny. But can anyone really say that they know me? I am only just starting to get to know myself. In a world that struggles with so many problems,
sometimes suffers, experiences good and bad raptures. When there is too much of everything, I am caught between my thoughts and silence, accompanied by loneliness. Sometimes I need to recharge my personal battery to bring some spark of energy back. Sometimes I need to recharge my battery from someone.

I Love Love

There are people who can ease tensions, moderate conflicts, those who can comfort despair in one sentence. There are people who can listen, which seems like a great feat these days. My relationship: No tears, no dramatic moments, no Hollywood-like excitement that would make you sick with dizziness. Joy and confidence that there will be no difference between us, we are so like each other, so agreeable.

I am not prepared mentally or materially for the crisis

This fear and the feeling that a crisis may come again are very tiring and exhaust me because I spend my energy on actions that are not constructive. I do not draw strength from this moment of security and peace because sometimes I am absent.

I have already experienced this… jagged emotions, returning to this emotional prowess and not allowing my mind to go crazy. You could say that for the first crisis I experienced, I was completely unconsciously prepared. Last year I worked like an ant. I was an active dancer, I was involved in building a team, I strengthened mutual relations with dancers and club business partners while building my financial cushion all the time. Now, during the crisis, I have adopted the conditions, rules, orders, and prohibitions that were adopted now. I also see the positives in every situation. He creates a life without a handlebar and feels like a shark on a leash.

For a dancer from a dancer

Locking us up at home was a great time to catch up. My dream and goal was to create something unique and bold, but time had been crushing me, I always lacked that extra day. However, the world gave me a few free months! 🙂 In my life I started a project for a dancer from a dancer via practical training, which I called STRIP SYSTEM. The beginnings were lonely, but over time I stimulated the creativity of other women who joined the initiative. This is not a training course that will just tell you how to earn more at the club. It will prepare a dancer for so much more: emotionally, physically and, above all, in terms of successful long term business. Girls will get ready-made solutions that can be used immediately to increase their earnings in the club comfortably and with seductive class. When we started, we had to learn everything on our own. It would be a great deal for a course like this to have been available then. This would allow us to have avoided many
mistakes, disappointments and missed opportunities. Dancers! We are starting soon! STRIP SYSTEM training. If you are working or want to start working in a nightclub, you must see what we have for you! We are here to help you stand and Fight!

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