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Sudden cash injection – how to manage your money?

Hey, darling!

So much is said about how to make money quickly, what job to go for… I want to encourage you to try your luck at dancing. This time, I would like to give you a few tips on how to approach spending your cash 🙂

Record everything!

Start by creating a budget plan. List what needs to be paid for in a given month. Most likely, these will be bills and groceries. When you do this, also plan the amount of money you will spend on pleasures, such as new clothes, cosmetics, etc.

Watch your expenses!

Just as I advise you to plan your expenses, now I advise you to record everything you spend money on. This requires keeping a record of your spending regularly, which may seem cumbersome, so make a schedule for yourself, at least for a month. Treat it as a curiosity to see what you spend most of your money on.

Stick to the plan

If you treat working in a club as a temporary job, something for the holidays – write it down! Mark in the calendar the approximate end time of your cooperation with the club. When you see that the deadline is approaching, there are two options: either extend the contract and continue working, or start looking for a new job so as not to be left with nothing! Sometimes job searches can be tedious, so don’t allow yourself to be unemployed for a long time, as it will not have a positive impact on your wallet and savings.

Stripper earnings are very high. If you haven’t earned that much before, it may be something new for you and you may have trouble managing your expenses. Of course, money is great, and spending it is even better, but it’s worth saving a little to buy a cool car or maybe a house in the future 🙂

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