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STRIPTIZ FROM A TO Z at an exceptionally low price

Work on your own terms and earn your dreams!

Learn proven, experience-backed nightclub techniques for any dancer. It is for you that I have prepared the knowledge in a nutshell available now in the ebook “Strptiz from A to Z”.

Why should you have this guide?

  • You will sell every dance and the most expensive champagnes!
  • You will begin to seduce men with your femininity and self-confidence.
  • You’ll learn how to steer a customer to spend as much as possible on you and still leave a tip at the end….
  • You’ll learn how to manage your money so that it doesn’t disappear right after payday, but carries out your plans.

This ebook has one main goal – to increase your earnings.

And today it can be yours at a super promotional price – especially for you, as a thank you for being with me, I have reduced its price by as much as PLN 122.

I want you to have the opportunity for a symbolic price to possess the knowledge that is necessary to start your adventure with the world of nightclubs and work as a dancer.

“Striptease from A to Z” can be yours today for only PLN 67.

What if you…

  • Was she making so much money that you could make any of your dreams come true?
  • Would you learn not only how to make that money, but also how to manage it so it can work for you?
  • She could have visited many countries, and each trip would have been like a stretch?
  • Met other girls and lived in a community of people who, like you, strive for a better quality of life?
Striptease from A to Z

But is it possible?

On a daily basis, I help girls – both beginners and those with experience – in the adult entertainment industry. Not only do I help them choose clubs tailored to their needs, but also to maximize profits at work. I teach effective sales techniques, customer negotiation and club confidence.

I build long-term relationships with my charges – they work as much as they can, and when they want to return to the club again after a break, they turn to me. It gives them a sense of security and stability – they know there will always be a job offer for them at any time. All the advice in this ebook is implemented by my charges at work and results in pleasant work and good earnings.

For the first time in Poland,“STRIPTIZ from A to Z “ – a set of practical information to help you in your dance business.

Are you just getting started?

You’ll learn how to talk gracefully and effectively sell private dances and champagne. You will learn lap dance and stage dance techniques that will keep your guests’ gazes focused only on you.

You will quickly become confident and easily take control of the situation at the table – earning as much as you want.

Or do you already have experience?

If you have been working as a dancer for some time now, you must admit that a lot has changed.

The environment, club owners and the clubs themselves. The old techniques are no longer as profitable, so I will help you change old habits and show you new, effective ways to increase your earnings. You will learn what to do to make your customers more generous and your work more enjoyable and efficient.

If you are wondering if the STRIPTIZ guide from A to Z will really help you – you have a guarantee from me! This is the first such guide in Poland about striptease.

See what customers say about the e-book!

The book is well-written and reads quickly. The pictures are oversized.

It contains a lot of knowledge and ways for the client, but also to improve her life herself. And he actually explains what a dancer’s job is (it’s not easy).

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with it before you get started, because few things look like what you can find on the Internet…. It is also worth reading it just like that, because the information gathered is really interesting.


I recommend wholeheartedly for any beginner dancer (as well as those who already dance and want to refresh their knowledge). Lots of substantive knowledge and hacks to actually make the best money at the club. Everything you need – i.e. how to get started, how to talk to customers, what types of customers there are and what to do so that the money you earn doesn’t disappear but is invested 🙂


Very helpful, lots of factual knowledge especially for beginner dancers!


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