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Striptease and pole dance


Today I want to bring up the topic of pole dance.I’m sure that you met this term many times and maybe you even had a chance to see it live. If you would ask me about the definition, I would say that pole dance is a mix of acrobatic and dance figures, used with static or swivel poles. The difference between pole dance and striptease is that pole dance is not focused on arousal. After all, people are still considering pole dance as erotic, maybe because of the association of pole with nightclubs. That’s why pole dance is still founding unpleasant comments.

What is pole dance?

Pole dance is focused on people who care about their bodies and shape. Workout during training is very demanding for our muscles so beginning can be very difficult, especially for girls who don’t have strong legs. Also, at the pole, you have to be very elastic so stretching is very crucial. The beginning is difficult but after you start, you can spot progress very quickly.  Of course, you will meet a lot of daunting pain or you will have to fight with your laziness to start tough training, but nothing great comes easy and I can assure you, that result is worth all of it. In that matter, pole dance is the opposite of striptease because, at the club, you miss the physical effort only using your gracefulness. 

In my opinion, striptease and pole dance is very often compared to themselves because of their skimpy outfit. Nevertheless, they are not similar! On the stage, stripteasers are wearing sensual lingerie and high heels, that are focused on seduction. But at the pole dance, your outfit has to be more sporty, quite often it’s a sports bra and panties. Indeed most of your body is shown but it’s just because it’s necessary to keep dance safe. Otherwise, if the dancer would wear material pants and a t-shirt, every contact with the pole would be slippy and not controlled. I’m sure that even the best dancers wouldn’t be able to make most of the figures if they would be dressed. 

What do striptease and pole dance have in common?

That man is also welcome! The Bachelorette party wouldn’t be the same without a sexy stripper in the firefighter outfit! Seriously, watching a ripped hottie, dancing in front of you, is a dream for most women.  These days no one is really surprised that men are strippers too, but not everyone would consider men as pole dancers. A lot of men pick this type of sport because of the tough trenings that carve the body and build the muscles.

The first studios of pole dancing were made in Poland in 2012 and pole dancing is a sport since 2017, when GAISF (international sports federation) officially accepted this discipline. Nowadays they are controversy if it should be considered as another olimpic discipline.

I’m very happy about these facts as it means that pole dancing is getting more and more popular and common. These days, people are less surprised that someone is practicing this great sport and I hope that it will be the same with striptease.

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