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Streptease in Poland


Let’s be honest: how many times in your life did you hear from anyone, that striptease is a reason to be ashamed? I am sure that people from Poland will answer: a lot. What’s the reason?

In Poland, there is a common belief, that people from the sex work branch, are forced to work like that. I can assure you this assumption is far away from the truth and the majority of us, work from our own will. One of the most significant problems is keeping the stripper’s world in the dark, tabu section. There are still a lot of nightclubs located in basements,  that hide their shows away from sunlight. Public perception of clubs is not favourable when things like this take place. Instead, in the United Kingdom, nightclubs are nothing rare and weird, they treat them as regular bars or pubs and you can spot them, on every corner. Since striptease is quite common in the UK, also dancers are quite common and treated as normal human beings. Dancers are not just not forced to hide in the basement but treated very well in quite often very elegant and fancy clubs. I don’t even have to explain, how it’s improving their comfort at work.  But even in the UK, the life of a stripper isn’t perfect, like people used to think. Similarly to Polish dancers, they are overwhelmed with the number of work hours and struggle with fines, applied because of bypassing the rules of a nightclub. 

The majority of people think, that girls who want to become strippers, don’t need any abilities to start working in this field. In Poland, strippers are quite often people, who struggled with homelessness or alcoholism and that’s the origin of this popular belief. Well, these people are more desperate so they are keener to accept work conditions. But they are also obligated to learn some basic rules that are respected in their club. The stripper can not just enter the stage and start dancing without proper training. Erotic dance must be subtle and sexy which makes it attractive to clients. Moreover, dancers have to be gentle and polite, they have to know, how to reach the potential client. 

In Poland, there is a huge lack of awareness and knowledge, of what this job is really like. In addition, Poland is a country deeply rooted in religious values. For most of the people, everything connected with sex and nudity is odd. Everyone knows that even poles are using the services of prostitutes and watching porn when no one is looking, so it’s a source of their hypocrisy. But when someone is very clear and says loud that is working at the sex work branch, confronts only alienation. We have to deal with it. 

To sum up: Poland is not conscious enough. Maybe in a few years when younger people will renew their generation, the situation will change. For now, the sex work branch exists and will exist regardless of public opinion.

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