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Hi, I'm Kasia Hajduk.

I will efficiently guide you through the world of nightclubs…. Are you in?

I am here to help women who are curious about the strip club scene and are considering this career path.

I will tell you how to make money, but also how to get out of the club in 5 years or less.

Ps. Did you know that I am the author of the ONLY in Poland guide for dancers “Striptease from A to Z”?


The person who will accompany you
On your professional path as a club dancer
is 80% of your success.

For the sake of your safety, every club I work with is personally inspected by me.

I guarantee you not only a safe working environment, but also full transparency – what comes between us stays between us.

I care about the privacy of each dancer. Over the years, I have achieved 100% success with no complaints.

My goal, and mission at the same time, is to take care of the for you to be
in my team, felt comfortable and earned well.

Working in a nightclub – an exciting career path

Working as a dancer in a nightclub is not just a job – it is an exciting and dynamic career path that offers countless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. At Kate’s Diary Agency , we focus on your aspirations and security, providing you with excellent working conditions and professional support every step of the way. Do you like to dance? Do you feel confident in your body and feel the satisfaction of being admired by the opposite sex? If so, pole dancing at the club is a hit!

See the clubs where you can work:

E-book "Striptease from A to Z".

Learn proven, experience-backed nightclub techniques for any dancer.

It is for you that I have prepared the knowledge in a nutshell available now in the e-book “Strptiz from A to Z”.

Stripper jobs – present your pole dancing in a nightclub and enjoy high earnings

By performing striptease, you have the chance not only to earn a spectacular income, but also to gain financial independence that you won’t experience in many other professions. Whether you choose to work part-time or invest in a full-time career, this The work of a stripper can provide you not only quick, but also significant profits. Working as a stripper or erotic dancer does not require exceptional professional qualifications or experience, making it an attractive option for people with diverse life paths. Regardless of your previous work experience, you can quickly find a stable and profitable job in this industry. In addition, working in a club as a stripper offers not only the opportunity for financial success, but also the chance for personal and professional development. Through this work you can gain self-confidence, learn the art of body expression and improve your communication skills. All this translates into not only earnings, but also development as a person and an artist. The industry is extremely open and accepting, providing support and training that can help you succeed in a short period of time. Don’t hesitate to realize your potential to ensure not only a stable financial future, but also job satisfaction that allows you to be yourself and express yourself to the fullest!

A career as a nightclub dancer is waiting just for you!

If you dream of independence, spectacular earnings and the shining lights of the stage, a job as a go go dancer may be just what you’re looking for! You don’t need to have dance experience or special skills – what matters is that you have the desire and enthusiasm for what you do. At Kate’s Diary Agency, we care about your safety and comfort. Every club we work with is thoroughly vetted, which means you can work in a safe environment where your comfort and privacy are an absolute priority. With our excellent reputation, you can rest assured that you are working in a place where your boundaries are always respected. We also offer full transparency, which means you can count on discretion and confidentiality, no matter what happens. When you join our team as a dancer in a nightclub, you get the chance not only to earn a good salary, but also to develop personally and professionally. Everything we do is based on building trust and relationships with our dancers. If you dream of having your own show, we are here to support you in achieving your goals. Explore the world of nightclubs from the perspective of a dancer in clubs, join us today and discover the endless possibilities this exciting career path offers!

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