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Rhodes – you have to be here 

One of the places we’re flying to on tour with the girls is Greece. Our destination points are Athens and Rhodes. I’d like to show you some cool spots that you can visit on the island of Rhodes during your free time. 

Anthony Quinn Bay – If you like diving or hiking, this bay is perfect for you. You can go there by foot and admire the beautiful views. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with an unforgettable landscape and loungers to rest and breathe fresh air. 

Kalithea Springs – In the past, people used to come here to rejuvenate their bodies thanks to the water sources. Nowadays, you can go there to relax and regain energy for further work. The surrounding turquoise water promotes relaxation, and transportation to this place is easy to organize. 

Prasonisi – If you’re looking for a place to eat good food and watch attractive people practising water sports, then Prasonisi is perfect for you. It’s a popular spot in Greece where people come to windsurf. 

City – While on Rhodes, you can’t forget to visit the beautiful old town. It’s one of the 7 wonders of the world, and it’s impressive. Walking through the narrow streets, you can buy souvenirs or eat good food. The sea water is warm, and from the northern part of the city, you can see Turkey. 

After work, you might not always have the energy for exploring the city, so I’ve chosen these spots that will suit your preferences. Do you like swimming or surfing? Visit any of these places and feel the atmosphere of Greek life. As dancers, we need to take care of ourselves, and part of that is providing ourselves with interesting activities.  

Yours, Kasia. 

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