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Regeneration and relaxation – give yourself a break

Regeneracja - daj sobie odpocząć między kontraktami

Some time ago, when I was returning to Poland for a few weeks, instead of recovering and relaxing, I was back on the party track instead of healing and relaxing. Of course, it’s nothing terrible about having a great time and partying, especially with good company, but better don’t bite more than you can chew. The best you can do during that time is to take care of your body and mind. Massages or even SPA treatment is an excellent investment. Let yourself rest at hairdresser or beautician. Quite often, you can spot some fantastic deals on Groupon. But don’t forget it’s all nothing without sleep; there is a better way to regenerate than to have a long, healthy sleeping time.

Your body will thank You later if you take care of hydration and if it’s possible – drink as less of alcohol as it is possible. 

If you have plenty of free time, I’m also recommending taking care of keeping a good rhythm of sleep. I know it’s not easy to get up every day simultaneously, but it’s the healthiest option. Drinking coffee and energy drinks are also not the best choice during the day’s second half. After a single can of red bull, caffeine in your body stays even to 12h so this, mixed with a lot of blue lights that you are receiving from using a smartphone, is a perfect way to destabilise your sleeping schedule and make you mad, for the rest of the day.

Pro-tip: if you have a few days off from the club, stop caring about what’s happening there. It is your free time at the club, which means that you take a short break from this place. 

Everyone needs a break, even if you love what you do. We are not robots, so we need some free time for ourselves. The worse you can do is still wonder, “why I’m not there” or “I would make tons of money if I only would be at the club”. This kind of bay will only make your rest weaker. If you have free time, use it at 100%.

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