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Okay … Imagine you have just been in contact with Kate’s Diary Agency and you have your first ever job in striptease, and your booking in the club is 2 weeks away.
What should you prepare first? The first thing you should do is prepare yourself mentally to the job waiting for you. This means visualizes you dancing and talking to people in the club. Think of this as a movie with you being the star. You will have to learn how to feel comfortable walking in high heels and sexy outfit among strangers, talking and flirting with people who speak another language that you do. Sounds difficult? It isn’t you need to remember these people are there exactly to meet you and to talk to you and watch you dance, and they are also not used to being in club, at least not all the time.

Confidence is the key, and this is what you need to train the most. Feel good about yourself, learn to talk, flirt, and sell the way that suits you as a person. Find a tactic that works for your personality. Shy girls can sell just as much as girls who choose an aggressive approach, sometimes even more.
Learn how to conduct yourself in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and think about your physical appearance such as the way you walk in high heels, if you are not used to these shoes you need to learn how to be elegant when you are wearing heels.
Find interesting topics to talk about, topics that you feel comfortable talking about and can keep a conversation going without boring the customer.

Stand in front of the mirror and find your sexy look. Know how to make your lips and eyes attractive for the one you are talking to or the one who is looking at you. This can seem stupid, but trust me it is important to have when you are in the club and have to look your best.
English is, of course, important, but we have another lesson on that topic.

Think about what to say and in what tone of voice you will start a conversation with a customer, always sound sexy and do not get into complicated conversations. Keep it simple and always look for the opening to sell what you want to sell.

Train body movement and be aware of the way you look when you are standing or sitting alone. If your shoulder fall change that by keeping a nice posture also when nobody seems to look. Because someone is always looking, and you need to know that.
If you start thinking about these things already before you come to the club, it is a big advantage, and you will feel the effect of this when you are working your first days in the club.
Be prepared for what to expect, and that goes for everything. And the best way to prepare is by taking the strip system course and if you are reading what I tell you, you are well on your way



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