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Physical fitness in a dancer’s work is an important matter 


You already know how important good physical fitness is in this industry. A stripper can’t afford to take a break during a dance, get out of breath, have a cramp, or worse – faint! Working in a club you need to stay in shape. How do you do it? I will remind you of the rules that have been discussed since elementary school, but still, so many people forget them. 

Drink a lot of water 

Classic – water. Is this topic familiar to you? I hope so, not because someone keeps reminding you, but because it’s your habit. Drinking water is key to maintaining your figure, health, and beauty. By drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day, we ensure healthy hydration, beautiful skin, and no swelling in the legs (caused by water retention in the body). Yes, as I mentioned above – the minimum value for the average person is 1.5 l per day, but remember that you work physically, so you should provide yourself with more fluids (and I don’t mean alcohol, darling!). 

Frequent physical activity 

“But how is that? After all, I have that activity provided at work!” – you’ll think to yourself. Yes, you do – but it’s too little and won’t improve the look of your butt like, for example, weight training. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run to the gym every day to workout with dumbbells! However, make sure you have a few such workouts during the week. Add some cardio and regular stretching to it. You don’t have to thank me – you’ll thank yourself when you see the first results. 🙂 

Cosmetic treatments 

Who doesn’t like lying on a massage, having their nails and lashes done? I guess you don’t belong to those who don’t like this form of relaxation. So call and make an appointment! Allow yourself a little rest and improve your appearance. It’s not about changing into a “Barbie doll” and being completely overhauled – no! But please, treat yourself and go for treatments once in a while. If you prefer to have your lashes and paint your nails – please, but gossiping with a cosmetician is a nice thing, and maybe you’ll even convince someone to be your work colleague? 😉 

Healthy diet 

Starting with drinks. The topic of alcohol has appeared on my page in several articles. I hope you are aware that a stripper cannot have problems with alcohol. You have to know your limits and know what alcohol does to the body. No one is stopping you from having a drink or a glass of wine once in a while but know your limits. If it comes to food, this is a matter that refers to a beautiful figure and exercises. As a dancer in a nightclub, you work with your body. Surely you know the saying “You are what you eat”. Unpretentious but thought-provoking – if you eat healthily, you will be healthy. I don’t want to force you into eating vegetables and fruits every day, but if you care about your beautiful appearance and slim stomach, it’s better if you stick to these rules. Remember, in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit. 


You are not sick? It doesn’t matter. Make sure to schedule regular appointments with doctors and get your blood tested anyway. Some bad changes can appear even if you are not feeling them. Sometimes a disease can develop slowly without causing pain or discomfort. Basic tests (such as a complete blood count) that can detect diseases such as diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, anemia, and hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism aren’t expensive and can detect certain pathologies at an early stage. 


Night shift work, morning workouts, cooking lunch… how can you find time to get a good night’s sleep? Oh, it’s not difficult, believe me. You don’t work every day, usually only three days a week, so the rest of the days you can lead a “normal” life on “human” hours. On the days that you do work, try not to party with your friends too often and make sure to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. If you get home at 3:00 AM, for example, and get up before midday, you still have almost the whole day to take care of your responsibilities and relax. I would also like to warn you – try not to drink too much coffee. It flushes out valuable minerals. It’s better to prioritize sleep than to artificially boost yourself with caffeine :). 

That’s it on this topic! 6 basic principles that every stripper (and not just!) should know. By following them, you will take care of yourself and the comfort of your work. 

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