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Photo applications – tips for dancers and hostesses

Have you heard this saying that the first impression is the most important? 😉 It works perfectly in this job. If you want to try to work as a dancer or hostess in Kate’s Diary Agency, I’ve prepared a handful of tips that will help you present your best side.

Beauty is important, but it not everything in this business. What is equally significant is confidence and “this something” 😉 engaging smile, deep look, cute dimples? You now best what is your own superpower! I’ll teach you to accent it and use it.

Photo Session – Do it all right

The first stage of the recruitment is a photo application. I will tell you some secrets how to look girlishly and avoid photo slips!

No “selfies”

Many girls make this mistake and send me pictures made by themselves, in which their face is presented from a wrong angle and it all looks unnaturally. In case you don’t have any actual and professional photos, ask somebody to help you in this matter.

Natural look only

Tons of make-up is definitely a wrong idea. I would like to see as much as possible of your real self. So, don’t paint for the photos. You can only powder your face a little but, so that it doesn’t shine. However, you need to give up on even such tiny things like a lip gloss or mascara.


The rule of naturalness applies also here. No backcombing, no fancy updos, hair curler or straightener. Just wash your hair, apply some conditioner and let it dry freely.

No additional accessories

Your face on a picture should be well-visible. Give up on glasses, a cap, piercings – give up on them and all unnecessary decorations for the time of shooting. I want to focus only on you. The background should also be plain. An universal and nice-looking solution is a bright wall.

Proper light

It’s best to take photos during a daytime, by the window. Natural sunlight brightens and freshens your face. Remember to pose in such a way, that light doesn’t fall on you from behind, up or down. It’s best to stand in front of a window, but be careful when the light is harsh, because we don’t want you to blink.

One picture is not enough

Finally you have a perfect shot? Great, so now take another one! You need to prepare a bundle of your face photos in following positions: from front, with loose and tied hair, next from your both profiles and mid-profiles. Don’t make funny faces, your mount should stay in their natural position.

Whole figure photo – Instruction

Choose tight clothes and high hills. Classic slim and black trousers and a top will be an ideal choice for the photo session. You have an opportunity to pose, however before you start, it’s helpful to have a look on professional models and how they do it. For sure avoid provocative or daring poses, because they may destroy your chance to success in the recruitment. Much better is to keep modesty and subtleness.

What is very important, is your photos in a swimming suit. To present yourself best, you need to adopt a proper position: stand upright, hold in your stomach, tilt back your shoulders and remember to keep your chin up to make your neck look longer. And again, here I do need a bundle of your photos, too. Take a photo in front of the camera, from both profiles and mid-profiles and from your back.

Full professionalism! 🙂

More clues

Don’t send me your private pictures from parties, holidays or morning walk, even if you look like a real goddess. Such photos show the lack of professional attitude and will be disregarded while the process of recruitment. Draw attention to quality of the pictures you send – they can’t be blurred or too dark.

Honest smile is a weapon of every women 😉 It tightens the muscles on your face and bring this special uniqueness to your look. Use it as your advantage. Think about a funny situation, open your mouth slightly and say… cheeeeese! And here comes a perfect photo! And one more photographic advice for those of you who really want to shine. It’s a well-known trick about your gaze 😉 A second before pushing a camera’s button, close your eyes, and then open them suddenly and look at your photographer. Thanks to this, your gaze will look lively and magnetizing.

Dancing course – your basis to success in this job

If you are motivated and want to develop your skills, but you didn’t have any previous experience, it means that you still can become a part of the Kate’s Diary Agency team 😉 Each change demands a first, most difficult step. And I’m going to help you to make it. I’m sure you know the feeling, when you want something so badly, but you’re afraid of trying? Will you be good enough? How should I begin it all? Don’t worry! Step by step I will show you how to reach the things that you are dreaming about now. I honestly warn you, that this reaching for your dreams need a bit of effort, but it will surely pay off.

It’s a new version of yourself!

The job of a dancer requires preparations: you need to get some knowledge and skills that are going to help you in this new stage of your life. A seductive pole dance consists of deep understanding of your body, condition, coordination and knowledge of the positions. Sounds strange? I am endeavoring to make you familiar with all of it 😉

Recently, the dance is more and more often perceived as a form of an art, and its quality is the echo of dancers’ earnings. The better show, the better pay. So, if you want to become a dancer, but you don’t know much about it now, the additional trainings and your involvement will be essential. I think that everyone deserves a chance to discover their true potential. The same applies to you!

In Ksenia’s studio you are may explore secrets of pole dance, which is, very frequently, more like gymnastics rather than seduction. You are going to practice under the care of a professional, talented and numerously awarded dancer. Need more information> Just click the link below and see what I’ve prepared for you! 🙂

Kate :*

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