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Photo applications – tips for dancers and hostesses

You know the saying that the most important thing is the first impression? 😉 Perfect for the profession of a dancer and hostess. If you want to try your hand at Kate’s Diary Agency I have a handful of hints for you on how to effectively present your best side.

Beauty is important, but it does not determine your to be or not to be in this industry. Confidence and “that something” turn out to be equally important. 😉 An endearing smile, a deep gaze, charming dimples in the cheeks? You know what your superpower is! I will teach you how to highlight it and use it.

Photo application – do it right

The first stage of recruitment is photo applications. I’ll tell you some tricks to present yourself attractively and girly, and avoid photographic gaffes!

Don’t send a “selfie”

A lot of girls make a basic mistake and send photos taken from the so-called “photo”. “hand.” The face, angled, looks unnatural on them. If you don’t have up-to-date professional photographs, ask a loved one to take new photos.

Only naturalness

A thick layer of makeup is definitely a bad idea. I want to see as much of the real you as possible, so don’t paint yourself for photos. It is acceptable to lightly powder the face so that it has an even tone. However, avoid even such inconspicuous additions as lip gloss or mascara.


The principle of naturalness also applies to hair. Do away with tapirs, fancy updos, curling irons or straighteners. Just wash your hair, use a little conditioner and let it dry freely.

No unnecessary additions

The face in the photo should be clearly visible. Glasses, hat, nose or lip piercings – get rid of all unnecessary accessories for the photo shoot. The attention must be on you, so the background of the photo should also be uniform. A very versatile, yet aesthetically pleasing solution will be to take photos against a light-colored wall.

Appropriate light

Take photos during the day, by the window. The natural light will brighten and visually refresh your face. Try to position yourself so that it doesn’t rain from behind, from below or from above. It is best to face the window, but at the same time pay attention that the light is not too harsh and does not force you to squint.

One photo is not enough

Do you have a great shot? Great, it’s time for another one! Prepare a packet of photographs of your face in the following positions: front in loose and tied hair, then both profiles and half-profile. Do away with facial expressions and grimaces, the mouth should remain in its natural curve. In one of the photos you can smile.

Photographs of the whole silhouette – instructions

Opt for tight clothes and high-heeled shoes. Black, classic tube top paired with a top is a set perfect for a recruitment photo shoot. Here’s your opportunity to pose, but before you start, take a look at fashion magazines and see how the pros do it. Avoid stunt poses, as they can derail your chances of passing the recruitment process. Opt for delicacy and simplicity.

Swimsuit photos are also very important. If you want to look good on them, make sure you have the right posture: an upright figure, a pulled-in abdomen, shoulders slightly tilted back and an outstretched neck. As with the face, here too I need a package of photographs: front to lens, side, semi-profile and back.

Full professionalism! 🙂

Additional tips

Don’t send private photos of yourself: from a party, vacation or morning walk, even if you look like a goddess in them. Such photos show a lack of professionalism and will not be considered for recruitment. Also pay attention to the quality of the photographs: they must not be blurry or dark.

A sincere smile is a woman’s weapon. 😉 It tightens the facial muscles and gives the look “that something”. Use it to your advantage: think of a funny situation, gently part your lips and look into the lens. Now it’s time for the camera to flash and the perfect photo is ready! And one more photography tip for those of you who really want to stun. This will be helped by the well-known trick of…. eye contact. 😉 Just before the picture is taken, close and then quickly open your eyes and look at the photographer. With this simple trick, your gaze will become vivid and magnetizing.

Learning to dance – the basis for success at work

Don’t have experience, but motivation and desire to grow? This means you have the chance to become part of Kate’s Diary Agency team. 😉 Every change requires taking that first, hardest step. And I’m going to help you with that. Surely you know that feeling when you really want something, but are afraid to try it? Will I be good enough? How should I even begin? No worries! Step by step, I will show you how to reach for the reality you are now only dreaming of. Fair warning, it will require effort that will pay off for you.

Get to know yourself in a new way!

The work of a dancer requires preparation: acquiring both knowledge and skills to help you start a new stage in life. Seductive pole dancing consists of deep awareness of one’s own body, physical conditioning and knowledge of poses. Sound foreign? I will make sure that it will soon cease to be so. 😉

Dancing is increasingly perceived as a certain art form, and its quality is reflected in the dancer’s income. The better the show, the higher the earnings. So if you want to become a dancer, but don’t know much about Pole Dance at this point, additional training and commitment will be necessary. I believe that everyone deserves a chance and an opportunity to discover their true potential. Your case is no different!

In Kseniya’s studio you will explore the secrets of pole dancing, which is often more like gymnastics than grooming. You will train under the guidance of an experienced, talented and award-winning dancer. Want to know more? Click the link below and see what I have prepared for you! 🙂

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