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Oslo – the land of endless possibilities

Oslo… A city that is extremely orderly, extremely architecturally beautiful and extremely expensive. Have you ever wondered what life is really like in the capital and also Norway’s largest city?

I spent a lot of time in Oslo. You could say that I already know them almost like the back of my hand. Almost, because, however, every city always hides some kind of unknowable secrets. And this is also the case with Oslo.

What I love about Norway is the extreme harshness of nature. I give you the opportunity to take a moment to relax and lose yourself in the beautiful views…. Prices are also surprising. For a tourist coming from a country where wages are much lower, this may come as a bit of a shock at first. However, wages in Norway can be equally shocking. Thus, if you are planning a business trip …. you will be positively surprised. Moreover, there will be no shortage of opportunities to spend this money either. Exquisite restaurants, exclusive clubs and prestigious boutiques . The Norwegians are also surprising. They are extremely balanced, always trying to keep their distance. Their introversion and self-centeredness are also strongly felt. However, don’t think that this means they are silent at the same time. On the contrary! It was in Oslo that I encountered extraordinary kindness and willingness to help. Scandinavians are considered one of the world’s happier people. Why? Very often they are really satisfied with their work, which, combined with pride in their country, makes Norwegians “happy as salmon.”

Some people think Oslo is a huge metropolis. Here comes the surprise. In fact, the entire city has a population of less than 700,000. In comparison, there are almost two million in Warsaw (officially). The difference is considerable, isn’t it? Oslo as a whole is also a rather “cozy” city (as many as 6 subway lines!) is not as cumbersome as in most European capitals. In addition, the city is located in a picturesque area – among mountains and forests. There is access to a beautiful bay in the center of the city. If you’re afraid that Norway’s harsh climate isn’t for you, I’ve got good news. The region in which the city is located has an exceptionally warm (for Norway) climate. Big frosts in winter are unlikely to threaten here. For that, in summer, the temperature reaches up to 20 degrees.

What’s next? If so, is there even room for entertainment in this orderly, rational city? By all means! Oslo offers attractions for literally everyone. Are you a fan of nightlife? Exclusive nightclubs at a really high level attract Norwegians and tourists who enjoy a life of luxury. If you’re curious about the city’s history and architecture you’ll also find something to enjoy. The amazing opera house, the royal palace, the Karl Johans Gate promenade…. one could list for a really long time.

What else is worth knowing before arriving? You’re probably worried about high prices. There is nothing. For those earning in Norwegian kroner, it’s not that expensive at all. In addition, earnings are usually high enough to accumulate considerable savings. You’re probably also wondering how best to get to Oslo. Currently, the best option is to use low-cost carriers like Ryanair or Wizzair. In the most optimistic option, you may be able to buy a ticket for as little as £39! You probably don’t know Norwegian…. neither do I. 🙂 Communicative knowledge of English is quite enough to get along in most places. In addition, Norwegians usually do well in English, so additionally you have the opportunity to brush up on your skills.

And how are your impressions and thoughts on Oslo? Have you been to this beautiful city?

Kate :*

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