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Oslo – Land of Endless Opportunities

Oslo… An unusually organized city, magnificent architecturally and costly. Have you ever wondered what life really looks like in the capital, and at the same time, the largest city in Norway?

I’ve spent much time in Oslo. You can say that I already know it, almost like my own pocket. Almost, because every city always conceals some mysterious secrets. So this is also the case in Oslo.

I love this extraordinary harshness of nature in Norway. I allow taking a break and losing myself in beautiful views… The prices also surprise. For a tourist coming from a country where earnings are much lower, it can be a bit of a shock at first. However, earnings in Norway may be equally shocking. So if you’re planning a job trip… you will be positively surprised. What’s more, the opportunity to spend this money will also be short. Fine restaurants, exclusive clubs, and prestigious boutiques. Norwegians are also surprising. They are incredibly balanced, always trying to keep a distance. Their introvertism and self-focus are also intensely felt. However, do not think that it means that they are unpleasant at the same time. Quite the opposite! It was in Oslo that I met with extraordinary courtesy and willingness to help. Scandinavians are considered one of the happiest people in the world. Why? Very often they are delighted with their work, which, combined with the pride of their country, makes Norwegians “happy as a salmon”.

Some people think that Oslo is a huge metropolis. Here comes a surprise. In fact, the whole city has less than 700,000 inhabitants. For comparison, there are almost two million in Warsaw (officially). The difference is big, right? Oslo is also a rather “cozy” city (as many as 6 metro lines!) Is not as troublesome as most European capitals. Besides, the city is located in a scenic area – among the mountains and forests. In the city center, there is access to a beautiful bay. If you are afraid that the harsh climate of Norway is not for you, then I have good news. The region in which the city is located is characterized by exceptionally warm (for Norway) climate. Significant frosts in winter are not likely to threaten here. In the summer, the temperature goes up to 20 degrees.

What’s next? In that case, is there room for entertainment in this orderly, rational city? Of course! Oslo offers attractions literally for everyone. Are you a fan of nightlife? Exclusive nightlife at a high level attracts Norwegians and tourists who like a life full of luxury. If you’re interested in the history and architecture of the city, you’ll also find something for yourself. Fantastic opera, royal palace, pedestrian Karl Johans Gate… you could talk about it for a really long time.

What else is worth knowing before arriving? You’re probably afraid of high prices. You shouldn’t. For people earning in Norwegian kroner, is it not so expensive. Also, earnings are usually high enough to allow saving a considerable amount of money. You probably wonder how to reach Oslo the best. Currently, the best option is to use low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair or Wizzair. In the most optimistic option, you can buy a ticket for 39 PLN! You probably do not know Norwegian… neither do I. 🙂 Communicative English skills are enough to get along in most places. In addition, Norwegians usually deal well with English, so you have the opportunity to improve your skills.

What are your impressions and thoughts about Oslo? Were you in this beautiful city?

Kate :*

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