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New job abroad – save yourself the stress at the airport

Hey, darlings!

I keep encouraging you to try your hand at working abroad. It’s a wonderful experience that develops us and at the same time grows our CV. If I went back in time, but I knew what awaited me after my first trip to another country for work – I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, I would even run for the plane! 

That’s right, running to the plane. What if what is blocking you is not, for example, the language barrier, but the fear associated with flying on aeroplanes? I would like to address this issue here and help you with the preparations for the flight, as well as with the check-in itself.


Some people love it, others hate it. Personally, on packing day I’m already getting in the mood for the trip and it turns me on even more! Packing shouldn’t be done on the day of departure. Even if you think you’ll make it a few hours before your flight – trust me and for your own (future!) peace of mind, pack about 24 hours before your trip to the airport. What to take – I don’t need to tell you that. Sexy clothes, documents and… GOOD HUMOR!


Same as with packing your suitcase. Get to the airport early enough. If you don’t know the airport, it’s easy to get lost as they are usually huge! Then, if your flight is coming from the same one, you can already arrive “on time” before check-in because you’ll know the area 😉


Here it’s all about documents, proper attire and punctuality! Without documents you won’t get in, without the right outfit you’ll struggle a bit with changing, and without punctuality… the plane may take off. Check-in takes a certain amount of time, and although airport staff often wait for the ‘latecomer’, it’s always better not to abuse their kindness. As for that appropriate clothing – check-in is a check for everyone on the flight. You then take off your jewellery, put away your electrics and wait. If you’re dressed thickly, you may find it difficult to pull off so many layers. There will be times when they ask you to take off your shoes, so it is advisable to have some ‘light’ shoes on. Checking in can be tiring especially when people are rushing and pushing. You have nothing to worry about if you are properly prepared 🙂


If your flight is scheduled to take 2h, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with a comfortable pillow, a book, or charged headphones. Sometimes earplugs can “save” you! You don’t know which team of passengers you will meet on the plane. If you are not keen on children, for example, they can proverbially save your life. Once you’ve taken your seat, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy the view while you wait to land in a beautiful country.

Travel to foreign countries with Kate’s Diary is mostly paid for, so you don’t worry about buying tickets etc. I care about the comfort of my dancers, so I take care of everything!

You’ll find tips like this outside of stripping here on the blog, but if you want to learn more about working in an agency – I’d refer you to the shop! There are e-books there and an online consultation with me. I invite you to read the articles that have already helped many dancers!

link: Ebook “Best scripts for talking to clients” – Kate’s Diary (Kate’s Diary Agency Katarzyna Hajduk) (kates-diary.co.uk)


Kasia <3

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