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Marketing tricks in the striptease industry


This time I will surprise you with tricks that will help you earn more than you think!

First of all – realize that.

You need to approach customers the way you would like them to approach you! Don’t be pushy, unpleasant, and insulting. Have a smile constantly painted on your face that will make you look even more trustworthy. Make the most of your time at the club 100% and focus your attention on the customer, and they will repay you 🙂 You will.

Not this one, that one!

A popular cliché, but how apt! You need to know that everyone has their own taste, and it may happen that during a conversation with a customer, you notice that he doesn’t really want it. Don’t go on, don’t push with buying you a drink, don’t settle. You can immediately approach the next potential customer and try it with him. The main thing is not to lose enthusiasm after the first “slip-up” and keep doing your thing!

Gratis from time to time – more customers.

People have always loved to get things for free – such is our world. Encourage customers from time to time by giving them a free “treat” that they will get more of later for an additional fee. 

Every night to a chance for a golden shot

Clubs are very often open all week. What is the result of this? Customers are once more, once less – you know, not everyone has time to go to the club on Tuesday, for example. Don’t worry about it and don’t be discouraged. Each of your dances is a new opportunity to earn money – be ready every day!

Fun breeds money

By having fun, you create a friendly atmosphere, which then gives to your customers! I don’t mean that you should feel like you’re at a party every day, but that you should get as much pleasure out of your work as possible. There are days that are more interesting and days that are more boring, but it’s up to you to make the impression you leave on your clients!

I hope these little tips will help you prepare even better for your club work. I believe that if you follow these tips – you will be successful!

I am here to help you find your way in the club industry and accompany you at every stage of your work.

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Kate <3

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