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Kosovo is a place full of natural contrasts. Vast mountains, picturesque valleys and tranquil lakes create landscapes that will take your breath away. Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park is a paradise for trekkers, offering unforgettable views and the opportunity for close contact with wildlife.

However, it is not only the landscapes that make Kosovo a unique place. The hospitality of its people creates a welcoming atmosphere where you can feel at home. Kosovo's cuisine, based on local ingredients, is a true feast for the palate, adding a flavorful adventure to an already rich experience.

Pristina is the heart and soul of Kosovo. It is here that tradition, modernity and vibrant energy intersect to create a unique atmosphere.

Opening hours:
22:00 - 05:00

Your earnings:

♦️ Fixed earnings – €50/€60 per day

♦️ Champagne sales – 20%.

♦️ Drinks sales – 20%

♦️ Private dancing – 20%

♦️ Tipping – 50%!


Accommodation is conveniently located  and costs 3,5€ per day.

Additional information:

♦️ Dress code at work: high heels and sexy sensual lingerie

♦️ Contract is valid for a minimum of one month

PLN Polish złoty
EUR Euro
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