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Love life on the runway 

We have no control over who we are attracted to and who we fall in love with. But what if it happens at work, and even worse, with one of our clients? Even if we don’t plan on it and forbid ourselves romances, our hearts may decide otherwise. What then?  

Is it worth it?  

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself – is the game worth the candle? Are you that really crazy about him, or are these just fleeting feelings? Does he want the same thing? If you take the risk, will he appreciate it? Does he want to be with you, or does he want you? Is he a knight in shining armor, or is his “horse” leading him? Will he remain a client if he is no longer your client? Is he a stable gentleman who comes to relax, or an immature guy who almost lives in this club with his friends? 🙂 Is there chemistry? Answer these questions and think carefully before you take a step. To know “if it’s worth it”, we must think “if it’s worth it” with him. But never say never to “office romances”, you never know, if the guy who just tipped you will become the father of your children.  

What if I seriously want to?  

If you are sure you want to try it with him, find out first, if it is not against the club’s rules and if your employer allows dating a client. Some clubs strictly prohibit this and you must still respect it. Be professional. 

Will you do it for me? Nope 

Many men think that a dancer is a damsel in distress, who they need to save and rescue from oppression. Or those who can’t stand the thought of their girlfriend dancing for strangers in skimpy clothing. Will you run into such people? Don’t bother. If you like what you do, if you get enjoyment out of it, if it gives you freedom and independence, you won’t throw it away for him. And he won’t suddenly change and stop being jealous with a wave of a magic wand. It’s your job and it’s a constant that you are in the presence of many, often elegant men and that part of those men desires you and also the fact that you work at night in the presence of alcohol. If he is unable to accept this and is unable to trust you that job is just a job for you – give up. To sum up: never say never, but always think twice whether this guy is the guy for you and whether it’s worth taking the risk with him. 

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