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List of forbidden texts 

 If you want to earn a lot as a stripper, you need to learn sales techniques. I have already written about how to ENCOURAGE a potential customer, for example, to a private dance – I hope you have read my advice (if not, I invite you: Do I have to agree to every dance? – Kate’s Diary 

This time I will share with you knowledge about HOW NOT to do it. Below you will find a short list of “forbidden” texts of a stripper. 

Avoid directness! “Do you want a private dance?” – avoid it if you can. To put it bluntly – NEVER OFFER A CUSTOMER A DANCE! Keep such directness for special cases – for example, when the club is about to close (then there is no time for longer chats with customers). 

Guys like it when you give them your attention and time. Remember that you must ensure their fun! By coming up with the question “Do you want me to dance for you,” you show that you do not care about the customer as a person, but rather see them as a wallet… 

Don’t be pushy “Will you buy me a drink?” – it doesn’t sound the best, admit it yourself. If you plan to approach a potential customer with this text, expect his refusal. It is simply not the best form of sales… No one likes to feel forced to do something or like they’re backed into a corner. 

Under no circumstances ask for money! “I need money” – even if it’s true, don’t say that to customers. It sounds like you’re trying to beg… If things aren’t going well in your life right now and you need money urgently, you’ll earn it faster by using other techniques. Above all: be confident. YOU DON’T NEED to ask for money because you have it 😉 A customer will approach a dancer who is not pushy because talking to her won’t be like talking to a homeless person in a store. 

Don’t provoke “Show that you can afford it” – texts like these make customers feel bad. The club is not a place to prove your material worth. By saying something like this, you provoke a guy to show that he is a real man. When he refuses, he will feel humiliated and disgusted. 

These are just a few examples from the “decalogue” of a stripper. Be careful with these responses as they will bring the opposite effect of what you intended. 

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